Mario Ball Z Intro

June 16, 2007 –
March 13, 2019
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Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

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Mario has Super Saiyan hair.




I haven't watched the first episode yet!!
After seeing this I cant wait to watch it!!
You have awesome sprite animating skills!!
p.s did you make the song?

It was awsome

So cool man i wanna watch this series.


This thing is fucking gay i'm not watching this series


the intro was so epic warios tv exploded

i know what this is.

you copied dragon ballz when gohan is in high school. the song is the japanese version.

You know!

There is a Series called Super Mario Bros Z created by Alvin-Earthworm!, It is really awesome!, I'm really a Biggest Smbz fan!, Ohhhhhh!, You Know Super Mario bros z!


I lauged when I saw marios hair, Hilarious. I enjoyed it alot.

To me I think there is too much blood.

especially in episode 2 and 3


its ok


Yo mde a movie similar to what Alvin Eathworm but you are also one of his favorite artists. Kep up the good work and hurry with episode 4

Nice Start!

Remember that when they turn in super saiyan, there eyes turn green.

It could've been better

It could've been better. It resembles DBZ a little too much and sombody is already doing a DBZ/Mario Mix.

good work!

cool intro!

Well weell well

i saw Jrtroopa in the intro

Well done!

Just an reminder: Remember next time to put green eyes on Mario/Luigi when they turn Super

i speak spanish but....... rql xD

esta wea salio mas penca q la chucha wn xD puro ocio xD / this is very great and long time do this video xD incredible xD

aweonao xD

Great job!

That was very Nice great job!


this has gotta be the best sireis you have made so far!

not bad

it ok but try and sort out the sound its a bit dodgy


good job ^^...


I don't mind if u keep the hair. I like it that way.
Peace Out!

awesome man awesomee

just dont give the hair.oh yeah for some reason my bro wants you to see my picture.(please dont ask why)

its a good title but i just gotta make a corection

you should take away the hair. it would look better without it tho. but the hair was a great idea...it's just not for mario and luigi. also u responded to a request of what was the song you used. It's not called "dragonball z second opening" it's called "we got power" because the second opening of dragonball z was images of the namek saga and freiza saga with no audio. it was just bruce faulconers work.


but seriously lose the hair, try looking for gold/superstar power M&L


I don't like the hair,but it was good

nice but...

dont give them the hair... just put them in fire mario and luigi mode

pretty cool!

THat was cool I liked it. What was the intro song called?

English much?

would have been better if it had more action and the english version.
over all good.

That was sweet!

I guess you got it from limewire, right? No offense to you, but if it was, could you get me the song?

yeah, alright ^^

dude, that was very cool, dbz theme "sprited".... lemme guess, inspired by alvin earthworm "super mario bros Z" right?


good intro just it sort of focused a little to heavily on luigi rather than mario....good intro though it definately shows you spent time on it and the effort hasnt been for none! its good to see you used 1 of the intros from the actual dbz series aswell! nice xD


it was great when is smbz 7 coming out plz hurry

Good Flash Animation

This is a cool Flash animation and not a ripoff of Smbz. I belive your a Smbz fan which I see alot of anti-Smbz and alot of anti-Alvin-Earthworm on newgrounds which got blammed. Keep up the good work if you want to visit or you already know the smbz fansite come to www.vglan.com

better then real DBZ

i love how you used the master from Paper Mario 1

cool i guess

awesome just focus more on mario than dbz. and hey you got the next best series!

This is awesome.

This series is awesome! If SMBZ ever got canceled(I hope not), this would be the replacement.

I hope MBZ3 comes out soon! I check every week to see if it's out.


i sat through this whole thing going wtf. VERY freaky. 5/10

HI again!

Thank you for responding And I dont know why it didint make it to the mario collection Anyways you flash rocks you derserve a 4.00 NO!! 4.999.999.999.999.999.999
I think you get the point and bye:)


i give you 7 from animation but it's here too much from real dbz you must do it from
your idea sorry for weak rating but i can't give you more


Luigi appeared a bit too much, but the music was awesome and seeing a lot of Paper Mario characters (Vivian, yay!) gives me a good enough reason to give this 9. Good job and good luck with Episode 3.

This was great but...

It's called MARIO Ball Z not LUIGI Ball Z.

wow the memories

at start i dont like the opening just seing luigi and luigi and... wait go back to smbz all people said that luigi = gohan... THEN I GET THE YOU BESIDES USE THE MUSIC YOU ALSO USE DE IDEA then i think that very well done i later make a coment about the episodes

btw bowser in the last image LOL

not bad

not bad at all


very good music and grea clip i hope to see more


bad music :(


I'm a DBZ and Mario fan so my kudos to you man


very nice good work and congrats on your projects.


Extremely well done. It was a total Dragon ball spinoff. Excellent job.

Its nice

I already watched your 2 parts of the series
And its clearly better that you didn't add
Otherwise the filesize was even bigger !
Shortly say'd : Keep up the good work

who is the main character!!!!!

is it mario or luigi!!! tell me

quite good!

This isn't bad at all! But who's the main character? Mario or luigi?
Because we most see luigi in the intro rather than mario?
Or it's luigi=gohan and mario=goku? In that case... jynx=piccolo?

omg luigi is awsume

oh yah go luigi him and yoshi whar tile the star caricters

this rules

dude i sent you an email like a week ago can you answer it? oh and dont you think it will be boring to see the same intro on each ep alvin did diffeent starts but its terrific and you even made the super saiyan sprites oh and dude check your email i sent ya one

lol te quedo igualito :P

para siempre dragon ball zzzzzzzz! :P
Pretty nice man, u really did a great work here, however.. i personally prefer the spanish song :P but anyway.. really nice..all was almost exact.. and seeing this so eqal to the real dbz intro whit marios theme DX was hilarius :P muy bien ^.-


All you need to do is work on your spelling, more original ideas, & maybe some humor put into it

ok wtf

ok idk wut i was thinkin when i was reviewing ur main flash, but first and most of all, you need to think of sumthin else to do. There is too much fame for Super mario bros z for u to make another type of mario z. that is the main thing.

Good graphics...(in last flash, u had a spot on left that wasnt blackened out all the way)

Gotta change ur idea. all thats gonna come out of all of this is ppl flaming u that u stole from Super mario bros z (know u didnt, but ppl r like that)
Spelling....fix it. Go to google, get a dictionary, do sumthin.
Erm....use up to date songs...dont use those gay japanese songs. Use good stuff.
Work on sum humor and interactivity...play/pause button would be nice.

Overall just change the idea to sumthin else. Work on spelling and flash experience and you should be fine.

follow your serie

doesnt matter about the dudes have said about your movie is too much Super Mario Bros Z, make your own serie! and do your best! ok? btw, good intro. but works more in your sprites.

its ok

people are saying its been done because you used the same Acronyms Super Mario Ball Z is yours
Super Mario Bros Z is Alvin's

I suggest you change the title or Flammers will be coming in here to Insult you

Man, you gotta love the SSJ hair

pretty cool, loved the bit where luigi was training on that pole
Nice work and keep it up!

there is already a series

and the origional is much better, but i couldent blam this

Work on your sprite animation some

for a dragonball hybrid it seemed a little slow, I was amused that you kept most of the beginning together including Wario as Mr. Satan infront of the exploding tv, I would just put a little more action in it if I were you, if this doesn't make it I would retool and rerelease it later.


its been done man i c your under review i mean....dunno whats ggonna happen


That was terrible i have never seen something so horrible...try making something entertaining...


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