Lil' Bunny Fuzzy V1.0

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This is a cute story about a bunny that loses her baby teeth.
Have fun.


this suxorz

YoU kNoW........ ThIs MiGhT Be FuNnY iF iT dIdNt TaKe So LoNg

P.s. most of you will probably think im stupid becouse i gave it ten interactivity, but i was bored. so i did anyway


That was just messed up...Sat through those long ass credits at first expecting at least SOMETHING. But no, just a rabbits head exploding. Like there isn't enough of those gorey crap on Newgrounds. And at least those other ones have at least SOME point, this was just an excuse to show your name like 20 times -.-. Get rid of this crap.

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What the ?????

*disgusted sigh* That's all there is? After those long credits? *blows hair out of eyes* If the movie had been longer and had an actual plot, it could be funny. I just sat there, blinking and looking at my screen funny.
The animation was fluid and well-drawn. Just work on your stories, okay?

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Is that it?

That was just completely pointless, nothing happened, a rabbit got shot, then it was all over. If you were going to make a movie you should have at least had something happening in it, as watching a rabbit get shot, was juut compeltely pointless and uninteresting. At first I was going to complain about how long the opening credits were, but thats obviously what you planned to do with them to try to make the movie funnier, to be honest it didn't work at all, it was still completely pointless.

Peace Out, Afro Stud


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Death to all things cute!!

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2.11 / 5.00

Jul 23, 2000
8:18 PM EDT
Comedy - Original