Lil' Bunny Fuzzy V1.0

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This is a cute story about a bunny that loses her baby teeth.
Have fun.



Come on what the hell is this crap!! Whats wrong with the first 22 of you to give it a 2.36? Like you couldn't see that comming? gimme a friggn break!

cute, yet slow

silly and pointless but then again all cartoons are...hey christie how old are you? wanna date?

Irony and then some

Sheesh folks, havn't you ever head of irony? Granted the build up is a bit long (lop about 25% of the length off of the credits) but in the end it works, heck, I was laughing my ass off. Granted, I did see the ending coming from a mile away (and I could have run that far during the credits!) but its funny! After all folks, think about it: Proffesional credits and build up, nice serien music in the backround, long slow peacefull intro with a cute little bunny wagging its tail, then ***/\BOOM/\***

Dead bunny

Hell, I love it!

Waste of Time

Guess what? If the credits are longer than the feature, then the audience gets pissed off.

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So Lame, I waited for that! Jesus Christ man, Just Show The Rabbit getting wasted, Don't Make Me fkn sit there reading a bunch of stupid credits forever! But I voted 2 cuz you had some real animation looping ie, the blinking and the tail and the ears. Maybe it really is hilarious, I'm just fukn pissed off right now.
Ok, I'll give it a vote of 3.

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2.11 / 5.00

Jul 23, 2000
8:18 PM EDT
Comedy - Original