Mario Ball Z

June 16, 2007 –
March 13, 2019
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

Follow Mario and his friends in this autistic 16 bit adventure!


I wasn't expecting this to be this long! It really did seem like an episode of "Dragonball Z". In fact, I think it's almost a word for word remake of one. Well, it was only 12 minutes, so it couldn't have been the whole thing. The sprite work was great. Of course you were influenced by Randy Solem.

We simply can't stop telling that guy to RIP. The sounds were great. I found the parts with Mario a lot more interesting. This is one of Alvin-Earthworm's favorite flashes! I guess there's more than one great Mario/DBZ related thing.

Mario Ball Z Episode 1 is a very impressive submission, but I just think that the story could of been a little, um... better. But I really liked this flash, and I enjoy it!


I love this its almost as good as Super Mario Bros Z!


a really good animation but bad spelling keep it up


I know it's supposed to be a parody or copy of DBZ but you could've made it more ORIGINAL with better spelling and grammer. Other than that.....GREAT!


this video was great. the only thing i dont get is why bowser is a sayan . u should have added raditz and nappa and the rest not bowser. and then on the next saga bowser is gonna be working with Mario to defeat who ??? crap ??? im just saying you should have put real sayans . like fake sayans u can easily make . it will be bowser and mario against ????


That was fully sik bro!!!
I loved every bit of it
Its just absaloutley amazing
Just a couple of things Vegeta is spelt with a G not a J and what the hell Bowsers a Saiyan?

F1nal Sc0res:

Story 4/5 Music/Audio 4/5 Animation 5/5 Action 4/5
= 17/20

OK, I think

Story/Purpose: 8/10
Music/Sound: 7/10
Animation/Style: 7/10
FunFactor: 6/10

Lengthy... One grammar mistake can be overlooked, but... ergh.
It's good, I can see this getting very good, but not this one.
I hope for success on your project.


well spelling was kinda off but other than that good

omg omg omg



your spelling sucks animation was ok and the story was kinda cliche

Animation great!

But, if you're doing text instead of voice, you better improve your spelling! Vejita? Bowzer? Lite? C'mon, you can spell better than that!

Man! I like your episode!

Action-Packed and funny too! But why only 3 episodes? A series needs many episodes not just 3, just an imformation

fuck u guys

sure he cant spell but who cares the flash was great/\___/\

oh my...

your spelling sucks 'nuff said.


You are a genius man ^^ i wanted to rate 11 but the max is 10 =D

well, i've got a few things to say

Despite to some spelling errors, i can read and understand the text with ease, but maybe work a bit on that... maybe you should make the viewer able to control when he is ready to go further when there is text, and in the battles, well, that could have been a bit more smooth. and one important thing:
i know Luigi is kinda strong, but beating Jynx.... thats maybe a bit to much, i would have expected Jynx to beat the heck out of luigi. In anyway, the flash is ok good, but i have to admit, i've seen the fight scenes better, hope it get's better during the episodes though, since it seems to be an interesting series


Besides spelling errors this is pretty good. hope to see more.

Mario+Dragonball Z+Bleach+Naruto=Mario ball Z!

incredible! seems like its very very much work to make a so cool series!

You suck quite frankly.

The story and idea was good, but you don't know how to spell or punctuate. How old are you, 3?! Also, there were spelling mistakes for the keywords such as Vegeta is spelt Vejita in your world.

Very well done

I enjoyed this and I was laughing from Mario's first 'Ohh noooo!' I found this creative and original and am looking forward to watching the next one.


was enough action to keep me interested but i liked how u let mario and luigi speak not many people do that and stick with it hope that u do though

Good very good indeed

I a BIG fan of dragon ball z and naruto and igot to say thad you respect very well the story so far , still creativity could be ad and the naruto song go very well in the movie Good WORK !


The movie itself was great but the beginnig music "Dan dan Kokoro" is NO for the Z series, next time use "Cha la head cha la" or "we gotta power' (they are more siutable)

what game if any were these sprites from

this is awsome
thats it


omg this is awesome!!!!


I loved it!


this is best!!!!!!!!!!


wow... that was great


really cool video hey can you tell me what program did you use to make this and give me the spirtes


That Was Awesome the battle with luigi

And the funny part is when u see that little minisized warriorXD


man im going to see the next episode it rocks!!!!!!!!


Tight start man.


Work on the Backround.


srry but the backgrounds are crappy ;-_-


its very good but the mario and luigi talking doesn't really happen but its still god


KICK....ASS.... that was prtty good. i'm looking foward 2 watchin' da rest of da series

at least you know what's going round =p

ahahahah! Thunderrrrrr! xD



Im not gonna lie

Ok look its good infact i may say Very good but nothing will ever beat super mario bros Z (besides the real dbz)


It was really good, but there were many, many misspelled words. In a movie with only subtitles and no voices, spelling is very important. I did not take off any points for it this time, but I wish for you to be a little more careful in the future, please.

Good job man!

Keep up the good work, that's all I gotta say! Overall 10!

Fantastico haha

estubo bien chi.... neta deja ke digan lo ke kieran de la escritura el flash es lo ke cuenta sigue asi!


It reminds me of SMBZ. But, its not better than SMBZ. this is so close to SMBZ. Its like 2 percent away from SMBZ. I'm gonna go watch the other 2.


hey this really good this is keeping my mind of super mario bros Z ep 7. Hope you can take some critisism cuz theres some problems:
1. Sort the spelling out
2.Make the battles more intense
3.Use marios voices from the games to better effect

Watch Super mario bros Z and you'll see what i mean BTW Im not saying this is rubbish this is actually pretty good just giving some advice


Holy crap I had nearly forgotten about him, oh my the memories , and that gives you bonus points sir, but im really not sure what happened to him, anywho, interesting concept especially with the use of actual backgrounds from dbz, though i would say you shouldnt use such extreme close-ups on the characters, i understand that its sprite animation, but the sight of pure pixelation can be a bit of a strain on the eyes, at least for me, but thats really the only complaint i have, other wise, nice work


It was good... you're clearly a talented animator, but not so much a talented English student. I like the idea behind it, it was a cool flash.

That was really good.

But the intro was a little too long.

It was ok

The fight scene was ok and the sprites were okay but i wasnt expecting this to be that long which it was..

I voted 2.

This is alright. Not great, but alright. I broke it down a bit...

Animation: 8/10. The action was good. My only problem is the speaking animation...it's a little lazy.

Sound: 4/10. The sound quality was pretty bad, especially for the voices. My bigger concern is that it seems like you randomly spliced the voice clips in. Music was alright.

Graphics: 5/10. The problem here was mostly spelling...all you need to do is touch the flash up for a few minutes and this can be avoided.

Plot: 6/10. It took forever. The copypasting from the DBZ story is fine, but make it flow a bit more.

Overall: 5/10. It has good qualities, but you need to put more effort into touching it up next time.


al i can say is,this movie looks like it required no effort, and is utterly boring as hell, no offense or anything but i dont think you should continue to do this..

so funny and cool

it funny when luigi got beat up and the song at the end was cool


Sorry to say but this is a very long flash and i lost interest halfway.
Other than that the usage of both anime background and sprites were original as hell!
The words could have been spelled better and I think this flash is tooooooo long .
But other than that this is a nice flash.
Keep up the good work! :D

dude that was pretty funny

your flashes are just great... i love ur super smash series... its beter than bowsers kingdom... and this one is just great... y cant flash makers be as good as you?

hahaha that poor midget

im not sure what that character luigi trained with was from but it was kinda funny watching luigi get pummeled for awhile. to quote pidgeon master under me under me not bad but some translations where a little off but i dont blame you cause i know i would screw up so much spanish good job

Nada mal!

Nunca fui fanatico de DBZ cuando era morrillo... pero cuando vi este flash me di cuenta de lo ke me perdia en mi TV... esta muy bueno! de hecho esta tan bueno ke cuando miraba el flash me decia "quiero cortar el flash, pero esto esta muuuy bueno!!" Enserio!


Yes as people have said these type of animations are done a million times thats why you need a story to catch people's attention. You did just that and its great.

Hmmm... So and so

You did an awesome job with the animations. However, you need to work on the audio. I know that Mario and co don't talk much, but just filling the dialogue parts with random gibberish is just... Not likeable.

Also, you should work on your english text. I suggest to get a beta.

And... Well, there's the thing that the plot is almost completely not original.

So... You get a 3.


Dude, that was great! I love how you mix everything, you're getting a 5/5 and 9/10, but here's some constructive criticism..

--Grammar and that's all I'm saying there...
--Try to make a little more sense in some things, for example: Luigi's trainer is the best in the mushroom kingdom, yet Luigi fairly easily beats him. You're sending a mixed message that he's supposedly weak, but he's the strongest in the mushroom kingdom next to mario?
--If it's going to be this long(which I'm not complaining about length, it was awesome) try to have a bit more action.

I haven't watched the others yet, I'm hopping they're just as good if not better, but I hope this helps you ^_^


That was sweet the only thing u need to work on is the grammar that's it nothing else.


That shit was of the hook!!! i mean....DAM MAN!!!!!


I actually quite like the idea, the animation, the storyline, the music and the sound effects! But the spelling and grammar is just excruciating!


great mario and dbz crossover i think the fact youve used proper dbz clips and then made sprites for them is damn cool! and i think people should stop comparing your work against alvin eartworms! his series of mario + dbz has sonic characters aswell and also he is using the cell saga for his storyline whereas your using the saiyan saga! i think this is a great flash film and im going to continue following this 1 all the way through! keep going man xD

good but has room for improvement

its good but like the guy b4 me said, its not as good as super mario bros z. 1 thing that u should improve is the sprites and in my opinion, take off the voices that come out wen they talk. another more thing is, JYNX ROCKS! lol XD
the last thing ill say is, dont make it too much like dbz. improve on all this and it will be even better.

work on ur spelling man

more like dragon dung than an awesome animation. it was tooo much like dbz and unoriginal there are like 7000 different animators that have made better mario+dbz things. like super mario broz Z


i enjoyed it i like the luigi parts best GO LUIGI you should do more stuff with luigi

Very Good Effort

Not bad, but I've noticed on most of your animation you have a lot of grammatical and spelling errors. Flash animations are more serious if you take the time to spell check. But good job.

wow O_o

well i can say is great job and i loved the fact that you used Jynx in this movie ahh the good old days on that game XD wonder if youll use that one secret boss with the crystals hmm? maybe maybe not but great job on it all spelling could be improved but thats not your fault and i wonder if youll do some sprites with bleach style? but thats up to you keep up on the great job and ill go watch the others :P


A whole fusion!?

i love how you fuse the bleach and naruto music to go with your movie....it was awesome


amazing graphics but not really original storyline 8/10


i agree with the guy below me on the issue of grammar and spelling. why not download an english version of word to help write your dialogue, or send your dialouge to an english speaking friend?

oh, and i dont know why you copied dbz entirely, calling bowser a saiyan instead of stick with koopas but whatever

*Applause* AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very good animation. I must say, if you went to a profecional animator school... I won't imagine your flash creations! Everything is perfect!

It has more potential...

The animation is great, aside from a few minor sprite animations. But, you REALLY need to work on your grammar. The spelling is horrible and the dialog needs a bit of work. Keep it up though!


it is great but who is that character named jinx?


Listen dont make any blood!!!!! What if 5 yr olds are watcing!!!!!!!!!! HUH!!!!!!!!! Good! If it didnt show your user i would thought it was alvin earth worm's work (no joke)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i thought this would be some ho9rrible dbz-mario parody so i decided to watch it so i could laugh at how bad it is but the only bad thing was the spelling/grammar simply horrible on that front


but you could add more action


I don't think you need to have so many of those sounds when they're talking. Like with Mario, having so many of those noises got kind of annoying.

That was great!

It was a great movie. But there are 2 things i like to ask.
1. Is this your first flash movie?
2. How much work and how long have you been doing it?
Anyway, it was great. I look forward in seeing more of your movies.


Nice-a job dude :)


best you continue to rock dude!!!!!!!!


I'm cool with the whole Mario becoming a super saiyan but it looks like a wig cause mario's hair wouldn't spike like that and his mustache is still black and his eyes arn't green but it's still funny.

(RE) crazy funny

i know lol!!!!!!!!!!!

crazy funny

that was so funny. expecially the gravity part with mario stuggling.

Hands down

The only thing thats wrong is the grammar other than that is sweet keep it up

Good Job

For your first try at flashes I must admit you did a wonderful job and only thing I would say to improve on is the spelling for your character's speech but other than that great! I wish I could do stuff like this.

Pretty good

Good job on the flash i say it was great. It shows u r really working hard on these movies and i hope u make more. The only thing wrong with the flash was the spelling error but dont worry i read the author comments. Thats all i got 2 say till next time nice job.


man that was tight
i've watched it a lot of times now and i have one thing to say :

"your spelling sucks"

There. I have half an hour before bed-time at this moment, and I am not gonna waste it on this. If you want to stop me from making a mile-long review then you'll have a hard job, so I'll just say this: before you go and friggin rip-off super mario bros Z, GET SOME EXPERIENCE

it was good

I kind of liked it it reminded me alot of DBZ so I'll give you 9 out of 10 stars cause thought it was good needs more characters though but i'm sure you'll get to that
now i'm going to watch episode 2 good movie.


Good you are really good at this I hope to see more. I can see that as times goes on you ill get better at doing this.

Bit more imagination

I understand that this is a fan flash, and based on a great flash from the get go, but it's missing a certain spark that SMBZ has. The characters seem one dimensional, textures seem bland and the fight scenes, while decent, are not of the calibur of SMBZ or MKvsSF. Hopefully the series refines over time because there is potential, it's just not realised in this particular installment. Also, it's not your spelling that's the problem, it's grammar. But I hold no grudges about English.


For a fan of SMBZ, this is incredible! Its very funny and I loved it! The only reason you didnt get the full 10 is because the sprites were fuzzy and knda blurry close up. You should keep them further away. That is the only bad thing I could think of ( apart from the spelling ,but it doesn't matter, I can read it just fine! ). Keep the good work up! :D


That flash was awesome! The storyline is good too! I liked how you put the Bleach credit music at the credits, It goes good with the theme :p. I'm gonna go watch part 2 now! P.S. I don't care about the spelling as long as the flash is good :p.

Too late...Too bad....

I know it is not a rip off but ....no I dont like it still...So,I started....annoying stupid upfu*ked japanese music,Whatever.........Annoying upfu*ked sound when the title appears,Pff........Annoying Upfu*ked storyline, >_>.............And then the last stroke was a sentence containing "...Princess Speach..." Well I instantly turned it off. The fights may have been good,I dont know I dont even care,you blew the whole begging of the series and I wont tune in to the others...Nuff` said

It was good, but...

You need to work on your spelling and grammar... other than that it was pretty good.

great movie

hey great movie do you know when the 3rd one will be out i love these types of movies.
to the people who say this is copy or like super mario bros z and you say try a new idea . there cant be one person makeing these types

Uh Someone already made a DBZ Mario Cross

Have u perhaps heard of Super Mario Bros. Z? Alvin-Earthworm was the first to create a DBZ Mario Cross....Good Movie but try somethin' else next time ok?

whered did you getthat beam sprite

this was great can you tell me where you got luigis thunder beam sprite i really need a beam lie that its a great movie and keepmakin em if you can tell me send a link thanks

Alvin finally has competition now.

Nice, this rivals Alvin's work.
His flashes is a Mario/Sonic story with a DBZ feel to it (his Luigi is a bitch and comedic genius at the same time).
Yours is a DBZ story in a Mario skin (and your Luigi kicks ass).

I'm glad to see that you're opposite from him but still equal at the same time. I bet you two have a small rivalry going now :)

LMAO you used a Pokemon house...and did you mispell Vegeta on purpose? cause idk.

good but i think you should take off that tiny guy

i think you should replace jinx bowser and larry with the the small sprite piccolo, shadow, and sonic in that order and in episode 2 did luigi go super sayin please reply but it was good better than super mario bros z

Espero la continuación

Que pedo paisano. Muy buena peli. Pero aunque seas mexicano, no mms we, agarrate un diccionario Inglés-Español, no lo hagas al aventón, las cosas buenas toman tiempo. Además de que dar como excusa que eres mexicano nos deja mal parados a todos.

Las gráficas pues 8, no me gustó mucho el fondo para el entrenamiento de Luigi. Creo que su pudieras encontrar un pasto menos texturizado (Si tienes un RTS estilo Age of Empires, sacale una captura de pantalla y usa ese piso, creo que se vería mejor) INCREIBLE LAS IMÁGENES DIRECTAS DEL ANIMÉ (El camino de la serpiente)

Estilo Dragon Ball y Mario Bros. QUE MÁS SE LE PUEDE PEDIR A LA VIDA! Una lástima que la historia sea idéntica. 9

Sonido: Usas mucho los sonidaos de los personajes, por y llega a distraer 6

Violencia: Te pongo 8, es inegable que tiene clase, pero después de ver Super Mario Bros Z creo que me quedó un trauma y ya a todos les pongo menos de lo que debería, no te sientas mal.

Interactividad: 0 (Es una película, no tiene porqué ser interactiva)

Humor: 2 No tiene gran humor, pero tampoco la serie

Muy buena Henry DX

Yo al principio pense que era otra copia nomas ripped de super mario broz de alvin eartworn pero.. esto esta muy bien o.0 me fascino.. casi tan buena como la de alvin :P muy buen trabajo... solo un consejo.. no uses tanto los sonidos de los personajes.. empieza a molestar despues de un rato-.- pero despues todo muy bien : D


When I looked at this, I just thought 'Aww, damn. Another one >.>'. So I decided to take a look, and see just how good it was, and to see if it was just another rip from SMBZ. I...thought....WRONG! THAT WAS AMAZING! :D I loved that you had put JYNX into the mix :D 'Cause he truly is a good fighter :D (SMRPG RULZ!!! xD) When JYNX kicked some sense into Luigi, my mouth just dropped. I was like "DAAAAAAAMN!!!!" Those graphics were really good. Although, some of the background didn't fit it, it went well with the battle scene. That was just too awesome for words. If Alvin saw this, I know he would be proud :) Very well done, my man. 'You Have Learned Well, Grasshopper'. (\(^0^)/) I hope to expect more of you awesomeness.


(PS: Out to see your next kick-ass episode xD)


ur spelling sucks! like gona and peaple and impruve and sayinyins god ur terrible! spell check ur subtitles!

How original...

I just watched the begining but I think you are just trying to be kewl as Alvin Earthworm with his "Super Mario Z". I hate you. I'll vote 0.

I likey.

lol i loved it partly because the english was madd funny and mostly because of what happens. lol the turnip thing.... wat was dat?? lol.i loved when the turnip is confident hes guna give a beat down to lugi but lugi does some chemical kamehameha thing LOL. i love it

Pretty Good but it seemed long winded

Your main let down was your english... although it was funny when the master called saiyans saiyayans lol. You could become something great with a little more work :D. P.S what the hell was that turnip thing that fought luigi.

not bad...

I'm a big SMBZ fan myself and im planing to start my own sprite series on a fighting style like DBZ and characters from sonic, ofcourse the story would be new. To tell you the truth i think your series got potential, personaly i enjoyed it a lot. I sugest you dont give up on this series since im practicaly sure you'll get beter in time, even Alvin-earthworm didnt start with perfection.

good start for a new series!

great job!

Ignore the fanboys

I hate fanboys! They down on anything that slightly similar to another creation and call it a ripoff! Let's just call this an homage, okay? Anyway, I thought this was really good. First, unlike Alvin, you used the good DBZ soundtrack while Alvin used the dubbed American soundtrack, which doesn't suck like 4kids soundtracks but still seems like a cheap stunt to impress American viewers. Also, your animations are just as good as his. Also, come on, how many people can say they used Jynx in a Mario flash? Sure, unlike SMBZ, this one borrows the plotline from the actual DBZ and is more like DBZ than SMBZ, but it's still enjoyable and good. I mean, SMBZ was more original in terms of plot and it has more cameos, but this one deserves the title "Mario Ball Z" because it revolves more around the Mario Bros than Sonic and Shadow. Too bad you couldn't come up with your own villain, though. As for humor, I found the thing with Mario trying to fight gravity and then beating up the Uchihi hilarious. It needed more humorous parts, though. I aso like how you make Luigi look so good! Every Mario flash I've seen (And games) have made Luigi look like a hasbeen. Instead, you show him beating a very powerful opponent, and I like that. Good job. Keep this up no matter what people tell you!

Very nice

This was actually very good in the sense that you can do flash like Alvin. Not upto parr but good none the less. 1 Thing though, you need to work on your english, if you want me to translate it all for you i can just msg me, but in that tence that would be your downfall, ill be looking out for this in the future.

Well I gotta say

I am a fan of SMBZ but in no way can I bash your flash. It was really good, and I like sprite animation. So 5/5

esta bien

lei tu profile, eres mexicano como yo, buen flash man, aunque los graficos estan decentes en los sprites de los personajes, los fondos estuvieron muy pixeleados "sucio" en algunos casos como en la batalla de luigi, los backgrounds tomados de la serie estuvo bastante original, esos si se vieron bien. no me cae mucho la idea de Mario con Dragon Ball z, ya que mucha gente te la criticara que se parece a la de Alvin por el tema aunque sean diferentes historias pero si es tu gusto adelante y sigue con tu serie, estuvo muy interesante la pelea.


almost there

This is a good flash, but there are a few things that you should work on. First, find somone who does speak engilsh well, and have them rewrite the dialog for you. Then you shoulden't zoom in on sprites that much at all. you cant tell what they are. Just work on things like that, and this could be a very good flash.

Pretty good..

At 1st i thought it was a rip-off but its pretty good, the fight scenes are good and im an luigi fan so ^_^ 5/5


Well it appears this is another rip-off of SuperMarioBros. Z (copyright AlvinEarthworm.) I would be nice if talented flashers such as yourself didn't just copy others and make original ideas.

luv it!!!

i gave all my 5 to you! but i dont understand whats up with the 3.15 it should be on front page get daily award...anyweys waiting for
ep 2!!!!

if i will invite you later(not now) to a sprite collab would you join?

Not bad...

one thing you REALLY need to work on is spelling, i saw you kept misspelling the word Saiyan, unless you ment to misspell it. Aside from that its looking to be a good flash. Just work on your spelling and choice of sound bits when people speak and it should work out.


lol. Seems like a few people are jumping on the whole Mario/DBZ bandwagon since I started working on SMBZ.
What with Nintegaball GT, Chaosball Z, Chaos Emerald Z and now Mario Ball Z being made alongside my series, it's gonna be hard for fans of this concept to watch them all. ^^;

As for the animation itself, it was actually pretty good. Much better animated than my first episode of SMBZ. I've noticed the story fits closer to DBZ than mine which is prominently a Mario parody.
I liked the addition of humour to the episode as well. (Lol, mario struggling with the 10x gravity. XD).
The action sequences were well animated as well. I'm gonna have to work hard to keep one step ahead. XD
Anyway, well done with this episode. Glad to see I've inspired sprite lovers across NG.
Keep up the good work.

lol nice

Ya besides the other faghole below me, that was pretty nice. Work on them a little more and it should be a good series. All these other downvoters hatin on u "no black ppl" or "i hate dbz" they shouldnt have even watched it. (ignore them) overall it was good.


You can't spell. Movie was to boring, took to long for action. Dragon Ball Z sucks ass so maybe that was the problem.

I loved this!

This was a awesome flash movie, with Mario in a Dragon Ball surroundings and story. I love both Dragon Ball and Super Mario.
The only problem is: Your spelling..... for example: you spelled Lite instead of light, and you spelled Al instead of All.
Well anyway: Great movie! Deserved front page... Goes to my favs, I'm longing for EP 2!

Very nice, but too many spelling errors...

The graphics are great, if I remember correctly, they are from Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga. The sound and music is cool. Also, the battle scene is awesome.

But, there are too many spelling and typographical errors. For example, in the movie, "Let's not waist time" or something similar to this line, I think it should be, "Let's not waste time." Or were the errors intentional? I'm not questioning the author's capability to be 100% english literate, but I guess errors are errors and must be corrected.

Overall, this submission is awesome, I give it a 9.00!!

REally good, bad spelling

maybe try holding a dictionary while you make more. great flash though.

good movie,well done

i like it ,you've done a good flash.Great thing that u got actual pictures of dbz for the tail of the serpent.

ps: watch out for your writing,there's tons of errors and you write sayans with different spellings...

thats was realy cool

nice mix of DBZ and Mario. hope you make more of this.

Quite good, room for improvement though

A bit of the border was half cut off and that was a little annoying but it was still very good
You have a couple of sound effects that i really want, I am willing to trade for some of the hit sparks and things that alvin earthworm uses in his SMBZ and they look really good
PM me if you're interested


Good Animation, Not so good spelling, You may want to pick up a dictionary next time :P . Other then that great job! (very nice job putting Dbz's snake road in there, it looked like mario was really on it! :D )

P.s Vegita is vegeta, and sayajins (or w/e u wrote) is saiyans. ^ ^

Few wise words from a Dbz fan

very good

this is a very good thing you got going...u made it different than earthworms flashes, godd to see. Also the monkey part was the funniest lol

not bad

good it think i going to watch the next episodes as well :)

Just Awesome!

Here is your 5,man! Really awesome work! I liked it very much! Plz,submit the second one! I hope,no,i am SURE it will pass and get a high score!!! I liked the way you combined action with humor,which i found very funny! And the storyline is different with Alvin's one. Continue submitting and,i hope,you'll get a frontpage! -FreshFlesh,Russia

Awesome Movie Dude!!!!!!

Make Episode 2 Or I'll Make Vegeta Destroy you!!!!!

I give you 10!!!!

Great... if it just weren't for the spelling

There was a LOT of spelling errors which made it rather distracting. Other than that, it was actually very entertaining.


I found this very funny. I enjoyed this more than some of the other Super Mario Bros Z flashes by Alvin-Earthworm. Your use of the Dragon Ball Z backgrounds was an excellent decision. Even though your spelling and grammar was a little bad, I still understood it; and I found it to be very similar to the dialogue in the actual episodes. I can't wait for the next episode!


it had a few spelling errors here and there

but *I* cannot wait for you to put out the next episode

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pretty good

just work your grammar a bit(misspelled a couple of words)

great flash, good effects

not too shaby choice of music

good going^^

Not Bad..

but also not good...
Need to check your spelling a lot, try using a speller or just write it out in MS Word or something like that to check it. Graphics were ok and the story well...borrowed but nice turn outs. just try to fix the extra line to the left side of the screen.

Overall nice work and gl on the next one


Try to work on the grammar and spelling in this movie.


Next time you make a flash, use spellcheck.



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4.02 / 5.00