Tails Adventure

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Cause you know Tails is Awsome. This was a fun game to make and was my first platformer game. All known bugs except for momentom canceling have been fixed. This was all drawn and scripted by me. I really struggle in the creative department but am a big fan of Tails and wanted to give this a try even though Im no artist I didnt want to just use more sprites. I hope you enjoy it. If this gets good reviews I shall make more levels and available characters. Thanks for playing!

This was made using Flash 2004 which is realy old, which made it even harder to script, I tried using vertical platforming as well (scrolling up) but he kept dissapearing for no reason :/ If anyone knows any good tutorials for platforming games I would like to know cause its hard to find something 2004 can actually use.



that was a fun game Evil-Knuckles it was even sorta challnging great job 10/10

This is great apart from one thing,

This is pretty good, but you need to improve on 1 thing. Differnt enemys! But, other than that, Well Done! This so far is the first hand drawn Sonic the Hedgehog related game I've found. =)

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evil-knuckles responds:

Thank you. Ive recently found out how to make enemies do random things so now I can add more variaty to my other projects. I wanted to make something that wasnt sprited so that it could stand out more.

really good

hmmmmm this game is great but it isnt somthing you can play everyday


why i shouldnt give you 10 stars and 5 stars why? well RESONS

1: same enemies = boring
2: boring song
3: you touch an enemy you get owned even with rings..

see? that makes 7 stars and 2 stars.

evil-knuckles responds:

Ok well thats fine with me you gave a very legitimate reason for not liking it. This was just something I made my junior year in highschool so it's not perfect. I promise to make the next one more interesting and with a better hit test. Although I think the song fits it perfectly but thats just a matter of tast. Thanks for taking the time to review this.


The game is kind of easy, but really fun!

evil-knuckles responds:

And that's the way it was Intended to be. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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2.56 / 5.00

Jun 15, 2007
11:48 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop