Foofa Race

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Update: v1.1 (modified car handling, fixed track selection bug)

This is the first game in the FoofaRace series.
It's a bizarre racing game which features:

- 3 cups with 6 different tracks
(be careful: each type of terrain has its own driving style!)
- a plenty of weapons to use in order to get rid of your opponents
- 5 selectable characters with unique features (and a special attack!!)

We really hope you'll enjoy our game!

the FoofaStudios development team :)



Good job Best Game in the world i fully respect u because of this


I'd love to give this a constructive review, BUT YOU'VE MESSED THIS UP SO BAD THERE'S NOT EVEN A CHANCE TO FIX IT. Every 2 seconds you get hit with something, or (because the controls are god-awful) that you run into something or you go slow because you drift off road. It's like im trying to race on the goddamn MOON. Then i cant even go in front of someone because no matter what car i choose, EVERYONE SOMEHOW HAS LIKE, ROCKETS OR SOMETHING. So i'm stuck in the back trying to REACH UP TO THE THIRD CART, and i swear to god, this is more horrible than any other flash game i've ever played. The graphics are ok, but that's the only thing thats somewhat good! SERIOUSLY! Then, i couldnt get the race started until i found out the way you go is by HOLDING UP. WHAT THE HELL RACING GAME DOES THAT. IT'S RETARDED. Please, destroy any copies of this swf you may have put here, OR ANYWHERE, and empty your trash.

This Sucks

Ok go to postopia and play this flinstones game where you have to beat the time an in icebox.And if you listen you'll see that this game and the Flinstones game have the same sound affects.Overall this game SUCKS BUTT HOLE .SERIOUSLY .

I sorta liked it ya now

like the game and the graphics were good but the controling was bad so ill give u a 6


this game sucks next time try too get the cars better handeling!!!

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Credits & Info

3.09 / 5.00

Jun 13, 2007
11:53 AM EDT
Sports - Racing