paladin dress up

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ugh people, stop fuckin writing annoying reviews, I have done this thing a year ago I am currently working (leading) two huge collabs so wait for those to come out and then judge my flash experience, also when you are writing a rewiev please dont just write that it sucks, give me construtcitve critisism

also (forgot to mention here) this game won the paladin contest as the 4th place, I got a DVD :D

yay for me

first two things:
1. dont blam this because u dont like dress ups
2. submit it into a colection
this movie was originaly made into the paladin contest hope ya like it,
thx and enjoy



T'was terrible. First, The Layers were realy messed up, as the shirt went in back of one of the guys. 2nd, the Graphics were terrible. I mean realy bad. The Muusic was good quality, however It got very, very annoying. Please, don't submit a dress up game, unless it is realy, realy good or funny. This was niether.

assasinrabbit responds:

all right, im addin a music off button soon, thx

so and so

it was a good game, but it would be much better with different clothes. plus, this graphics were bad. if u make a sequal, make several backgrounds!

assasinrabbit responds:

all right, takin yall advice :D

Not bad

First of all...I loved the Music that you set in the background...very evil sounding to go with the pic of the two guys fighting mid-evil style.

Although, I think it was a bit disorganized. It might have been due to the background which had me jumbling the clothes and accessories up / making it harder to see.

I'm not the biggest Dress Up fan but I think you did a pretty good job. Make the drawings a bit smoother / better and you've got yourself a REAL winner! Thumbs up.

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assasinrabbit responds:

man thx, :D ya made my day awsome and thx for da rewiev

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1.85 / 5.00

Jun 11, 2007
2:59 PM EDT
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