Sci-Fi Guys 3

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Here's the third installment of my series made back in Spring of 2000!

When these toons were originally made, I had actually planned on using their notoriety to help sell Parallax CDs by stuffing as many music cues into the flicks as possible. If only I'd known that the movies themselves were the real commodity, since my music is, well... a bit too strange, I think.

If you do like the Parallax tunes, look for videos on YouTube under my user name "Hamsterdunce."

Next week's is a big time travel episode... see you then!



Personally, I like this more than RAB. RAB is funny and all, but it just seems to be focused more on offensive humor than original humor.
Though I guess that is what makes it so popular, just like HTF just being violentally retarded.

Why the hell doesn't anyone read the description?

"Author's comments:

Here's the third installment of my series made back in Spring of 2000!"

This is just some old stuff submitted to newgrounds so we can all enjoy it, quit your bitching.

RAB way better

You should totally stick with RAB i mean its got such a great following and is amazing to say the least. I mean look at Happy Tree Friends RAB blows that out of the water and those guys make some decent coin from that. You could be to and better ^_^ RAB 4evr \o/

RAB is better

Dave I read on your website how busy you are with work and all and have hardly time to make animation, well for the time you have to make animations, dont make pieces of crap like this one.
You should make more RAB, one day you'll make it big with it.

It was Ok... but

Where is the RABness? I like RAB more than this, although this is a good flash, I still think RAB beats this Hands Down.

Bring Back The RAB!!


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4.06 / 5.00

Jun 11, 2007
11:11 AM EDT
Comedy - Original

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