Sci-Fi Guys 3

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Here's the third installment of my series made back in Spring of 2000!

When these toons were originally made, I had actually planned on using their notoriety to help sell Parallax CDs by stuffing as many music cues into the flicks as possible. If only I'd known that the movies themselves were the real commodity, since my music is, well... a bit too strange, I think.

If you do like the Parallax tunes, look for videos on YouTube under my user name "Hamsterdunce."

Next week's is a big time travel episode... see you then!


What's not to like?! And the dreamy voices!

Great to watch these classics again! You made these 7 years ago?! ACK! Has it been that long! You need to make more... MORE!! And those voices (especially Lenny) - TERRIFFIX!


About half minute into watching this something seemed familiar and I realized this was made by DAVE! I am a RAB addict and I must say that you definately have a style to what you do. Not to mention the humor too. By the way, the color was really nice for some reason. Now I have to watch the previous ones. Thanks for all your effort...and talent. In my opinion your work keeps this site alive. More, more, more.


I never grow tired of this!

Keep 'em coming!

Well...I like RAB better

Reason being, these just seem so rushed, as in they seem to be out way too fast, and it doesn't seem like there's as much power into it. You're a pretty familiar face here on NG and I can see that SFG is gaining popularity and you are a funny dude who can make a dang good cartoon, but I don't get that same rare hilarity that I got from RAB, something's missing ya know. You do put these out kinda fast, maybe it's just me. But I can't even make myself watch the whole thing at once a lot of times. It'll probably get better though as time goes on, I guess you shouldn't pour all you got into just the first episodes. Sorry for the six, just bein' honest. Good luck. Peace.

Dave responds:

I made this toon in 2000, so it's definitely not going to be up to 2003-2007 RAB standards. Read the description first, ya danged idgit! Thanks for watching. Love, Dave


Just started watching these Sci-Fi Guys yesterday, and to think a part 3 is getting uploaded now allready... Pretty sweet :D

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Jun 11, 2007
11:11 AM EDT
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