goldilocks 2

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genre: horror, playing time: approx. 9 min. Have fun.

Nearly forgot: there is an easter egg in this, that will let you see the first minute of this epic in 3D (if you have some 3D-glasses that is).


Thank you...thank you...thank you...

Very sweet my psychopath. now make one where he confronts his worst nightmare! i want his fear!


Dark Holy Places and chanting sounds....That is just incredibaly sweet. fuck KingWoogyBoogy and his "im a wimp and i can only see animations that is 5+" fairy boy.
thos black eyes and thah low dark vois is soooooo damn jummy and creapy.
damn that guy is crazy.

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Nice, this movie has many different styles of horror,emotions, and fear. The intro was a neat way to present the murderer characters and showed his type of feelings towards what is goin in the plot. Graphics: The graphics were in a dark evil style and the darkend light affects added some good fear and horror to the flash. The backrounds were well detailed with the shadowed line affects and detailed black sketch like styles. The storyline was impressive and this is one of the most bloodiest evil flashes ever made. Sounds, well the sounds were great in the course of the movie there was a rain storm in the backround and the lighting,rain, and thunder sounds affects were well done. Music , well rhe music was in a perfect fashion for this type of shreking horror movie like style. The teme of this film will send a shiver up the spine and the creep main character was evil.

Storyline was pure evil, the main character was in a genius style and also his voice added a tence affect. The low light affects throughout the movie was a unique style. Overall one of the most creepy and bloody movies out there with a unique style of detailed animations and some goose bump terror.

Em Kaah Rules!

Way to go Em! It was worth the wait! Anyone who hasn't seen the first episode of Goldilocks should go watch it before they see this! Turn off all the lights, and crank up the speakers, and sit back and watch!

Dear God

Absolutely disturbing, this Em Kaah dude has problems...and an incredible talent for expressing them. Horribly gory and dark and twisted and frickin scary. Send this to your loved ones, that'll be a nice kick in the pants.

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3.58 / 5.00

Dec 5, 2001
3:43 PM EST
  • Daily 2nd Place December 6, 2001