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goldilocks 2

rated 3.58 / 5 stars
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Dec 5, 2001 | 3:43 PM EST
  • Daily 2nd Place December 6, 2001

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Author Comments

genre: horror, playing time: approx. 9 min. Have fun.

Nearly forgot: there is an easter egg in this, that will let you see the first minute of this epic in 3D (if you have some 3D-glasses that is).



Rated 3 / 5 stars

Hmmm... This is a tuffy

Ok, lets get started. The submission is a display of what can and what has happaned. Churches do not offer you bastion to from deah in any manner. A bullet will peirce the skin just as deep in God house as will a blade. Do not think you are safe there. The manner of the deaths, although extremely disturbing, have happened before. Do not think this is this persons imagination alone. I feel as though he has gone and removed the psuedo barrier of the church, that as the word entails, doesn't exsit. A movie, full length movie, would actually be a very good idea. The mind of a serial killer is not limited to any void what so ever.

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Rated 0 / 5 stars

What the...

What's wrong with you man? What kind of crack-head is writing this crap? Make something we care about. Or at least something we can watch with our lunch still in our stomachs.

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Rated 3 / 5 stars

kinda...well i dont know

um i jus have one question. i have watched your videos and was wondering, is their any outside influence on your life that fuels the bloodlust and gore of these videos that you make?


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


not all that scarry and it is a bit disturbing but i must ask... what is the signifigance of the runes. the only one i recognized was the thorn. so is there some secret underlying plot here?


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

4 words man: this shit is gay

warning...if yur expectin somtin scary dis iznt for yu..atleast if yur the disgusted easily type or the traumatized easily type..nwayss this iznt scary its jst random violence..i mean i kno its newgrounds and i kno this is an old submission but still..think bout it..this is kinda lik saw..saw isnt scary..maybe disturbing to some..but it isnt scary its a psychological thriller and its fun to watch so yull see wat happens in the end..but this isnt interesting..all he does is killin people in a grotesque way for no particular reason watsoever...i dont see the point of makin this ..i mean unless if yur a guy dat gets scared by movies lik saw...i think scary movies are the movies lik the grudge..even 28 days later was scarier den dis offense but dats my opinion i got notin agenst yu or ur flashes..ohh i gave yu a five on ten for the effort *lol put into this...for the graphics and dat one joke inside dis shit wich wasnt probably meant as a joke but i took it like dat..'father i have sinned,i have killed a girl,heres her necklace...and her niple' *lol
P.S.: for all the fags outdere dat are gonna say somtin bout my review:
1.get a life (ahhh dont cry)
2.ya i kno datz not how he said the niple quote
3.dont take flashes seriously
4.this for the peps that think this is a masterpiece and are gonna say somtin bout my review 'for the others its yur own opinion and yur untitled to it'...the mona lisa is and was a is the sixtenth chapel...this is is killing by removin intestines and mokin god an masterpiece..(ya datz wat i touth yu didnt think of dat)