goldilocks 2

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genre: horror, playing time: approx. 9 min. Have fun.

Nearly forgot: there is an easter egg in this, that will let you see the first minute of this epic in 3D (if you have some 3D-glasses that is).


godlike movie


it's an okay movie....

Beats stickmen movies.

Whoo boy...


I didn't think that anything could be worse that the first "Goldilocks", but lo and behold, Em Kaah releases this piece o' shit. This is indescribably bad. I guess Em felt that it was absolutely drop-dead neccisary to create even more gratuitous violence...the worst part, though, is that it's 9 minutes of it. 9 minutes. I was rolling my eyes when the guy came in the second time for the nun. I was yawning when he was looking up in the rain. I was wishing I had never clicked the damn "WATCH THIS MOVIE!" link in the first place.

The sound is EVEN WORSE. I know this sounds impossible, but yes...it's even worse. I couldn't understand a word the guy was saying in the beginning, and whenever you can, he sounds like he's been hit over the head with a crobar. "Duhhh...thank...you....duhhh hh...." The graphics are now completely subnormal, also. They consist only of God-awful-ugly-wrinkled human beings as they slash each other to death. Repeatedly. And then some. The whole movie is a knife going back and forth, really. The violence is almost comical in how gratuitous it is; Em Kaah really pulls no punches when he wants to convince his audience that this character is DEAD. And - here's the catch - WHY?!? I'm racking my brain as hard as I can to find a semblence of a plot/storyline/redeeming values, but I can't FIND ANY! Christ almighty. It's teen angst taken to a whole new level...death without meaning. Ugh...I'm sure I'm missing something here, but to hell with it...this movie is shit. I'm sorry, but it is. Maybe if...yeknow, PLOT was twisted into it somehow, it would be alright, but...man.


hmmm. that wasnt scary, but it was most definitly disturbing. But you gotta change that guys voice. it makes me piss my pants laughing whenever i hear it like in goldilocks p1. "you stupid fucking cunt lol" good job but you should prolly see a therapist.

Shit, man!!

This is pretty damn fucked up!! I'm not even scared this easily by actual movies, let alone flash animations!! The sound is perfect for keeping you on edge, the details are so realistic, and the swearing . . . a bit much, but in this case, seemingly required. I watched the first one . . . I don't know what dragged me to watching the second

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Dec 5, 2001
3:43 PM EST
  • Daily 2nd Place December 6, 2001