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FFXI: The Moogle~

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Basic Plotline: Aoshi decides to go back to Bastok after a hectic day in Jeuno (<<Pointy Hats). BUT when he gets there he finds himself in the center of an act. Things go wrong when Moogie takes things a step too far though. But as FFXI players know, for every adventurer there's a moogle =/

Don't expect too much, I kinda lost it midway and didn't know what to do with it anymore; that's randomness! But yeah, players of FFXI will appreciate some of the scenery and like one of my buds said it's good if you're just plain feeling out there ^-^




I dont know what the fuck i just saw, but i love it!


I'm never playing FF XI now...
I'm pemanatly scared of the moogles,cameras,the guy in green,pinatas,disembodied purple arms,and four armed buff moogles..

btw-oh and to make a crystal cronicles referance,"I guess he got his wish of becoming a star.."
Also..was that Kain in the background?

ZeroX4 responds:

omfg someone got the reference =DDDDDD
It was just a reference to the DRG moreover really.

haha this is funny :3

my moogle never does this i always tell him to keep an eye on my caged tarus for my KFT (Kazham fried taru) sceme w/e.

well anyways keep up the good work. :3

ZeroX4 responds:

Mithras don't eat Tarus!!! O_____________O;;;;

They're good for a game of football though.

Haha. Not bad at all.

Overall, I really liked it. There were just a few subtle things you could've changed to make it better. One, was to draw your own backgrounds instead of using the screenshots from the actual game. I know it would take more time, but the backgrounds stuck out a little with a hand-drawn character. Another, was maybe turn the high pitched voice down a little? I had to actually turn my speakers down, and then it was hard to hear the main character..

The rest was good. Funny stuff! Keep at it.

ZeroX4 responds:

It's not that I didn't have time, I had a year to do it; I just felt that people who played FFXI would appreciate seeing the backgrounds more. The moogle voice was too high-pitched or the other guy? lol

Bow Chica Bow Wow

Do you watch Red VS Blue? Couldnt keep from noticing moogle saying Bow Chica Bow Wow. Awsome.
Cool flash. But I to think Moogles voice was a bit to high pitched. Dificult to hear what was said. But over all, a pretty okay movie.

ZeroX4 responds:

Yep I do watch RvB, it inspires so much greatness =D (unlike those ripoff commercials >:O)

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4.34 / 5.00

Jun 10, 2007
11:22 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody
  • Daily 4th Place June 11, 2007