FFXI: The Moogle~

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Basic Plotline: Aoshi decides to go back to Bastok after a hectic day in Jeuno (<<Pointy Hats). BUT when he gets there he finds himself in the center of an act. Things go wrong when Moogie takes things a step too far though. But as FFXI players know, for every adventurer there's a moogle =/

Don't expect too much, I kinda lost it midway and didn't know what to do with it anymore; that's randomness! But yeah, players of FFXI will appreciate some of the scenery and like one of my buds said it's good if you're just plain feeling out there ^-^



lol it was funny

>.>;; lol


That is so damn true, I swear whenever im fighting my moogle is watching me from the background and buffs them to kick my ass....anyway this was an awesome documentary apon the "Moogle Life" and nice Flash/game mixture, it was a great blend. ^^ anyway see ya in FFXI

Name: Speedy
Server: Asura

ZeroX4 responds:

Thanks-- Looking forward to going back in time and learning how to Dance <_<

loved it, i play on fenrir lol

i loved you're story line and the animation was great but i think you implied to many game terms, i mean some ppl well watch this and repeat "wtf?" in their head. anyway awsome movie wish i knew you in the game 49war/24nin been stuck at lvl 49 for 2 mooooonths ;_;

ZeroX4 responds:

Yeah I know, it's mostly a tribute to a few people but I feel some others get a kick out of some things anyway =3

Keep trying, it's either all the way or turn back. WAR is kickass so it can't be that hard if you have some friends. They could practically take their AF all the way >___>

w00t I think I'm coming back for Christmas break!

Great movie!

I knew moogles arn't as fluffy and cuddly as the normal person may think lol Good work i also enjoyed your pointy hat movie!

ZeroX4 responds:

Thanks lots! Shame I can't invite people to my Moghouse .______. Killer moogles..

ALMOST perfect...

Just please...fix the text. In some parts (where there's lots of white or light colors), it's almost impossible to read. Make a small black box at the top, and put the text in there, or something. Otherwise, AWESOME!

Wiess of the Leviathan Server :D

ZeroX4 responds:

Wiess, like from Dirge of Cerberus? lulz =O
Thanks very much, I realize now that some colors are messed up. It's cause on my old monitor (like... 8 years old) the colors are just messed up and show up much darker. When I watched it from my new [LCD 19" super awesome] screen everything was... differentz.

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4.34 / 5.00

Jun 10, 2007
11:22 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody
  • Daily 4th Place June 11, 2007