FFXI: The Moogle~

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Basic Plotline: Aoshi decides to go back to Bastok after a hectic day in Jeuno (<<Pointy Hats). BUT when he gets there he finds himself in the center of an act. Things go wrong when Moogie takes things a step too far though. But as FFXI players know, for every adventurer there's a moogle =/

Don't expect too much, I kinda lost it midway and didn't know what to do with it anymore; that's randomness! But yeah, players of FFXI will appreciate some of the scenery and like one of my buds said it's good if you're just plain feeling out there ^-^




who know moogles could be so evil

I'm trying to not go into FFXI Withdrawls

The moogle was sooo cute :3 Awww, he's a cute little scheming bastard! Be nice to your Moogle or he'll accidently make you drop the million gil that the Auction House gives you for your FailSniper Rings.

You should have Hundred Fisted his ass!

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ZeroX4 responds:

roflcakes; This is true, moogles can take all your valuables as hostages @_@
I would 2 hour, but then it could do one of two things: fly away because moogles are in fact diabolical dragons (hence the wings) in disguise, or one shot me because everyone knows their level is over 9000 and are the toughest creatures in the game; they can teleport around X_x


I'm never playing FF XI now...
I'm pemanatly scared of the moogles,cameras,the guy in green,pinatas,disembodied purple arms,and four armed buff moogles..

btw-oh and to make a crystal cronicles referance,"I guess he got his wish of becoming a star.."
Also..was that Kain in the background?

ZeroX4 responds:

omfg someone got the reference =DDDDDD
It was just a reference to the DRG moreover really.


YAY for Moogie!!! I love moogles! They're so fun lovin and cute! Well they certainly look fun lovin.. ya know?

ZeroX4 responds:

Shore, they were nice and fluffy, until FFXI came out. Now they own us. O_________O

Good voice acting!

Sounds really good, moogles were a little hard to understand at times. Captions definitely helped. Great to see a cool FFXI flash!

ZeroX4 responds:

/bow, NG needs more FFXI
I imagined moogles would sound like chipmunks >_>

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Jun 10, 2007
11:22 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody
  • Daily 4th Place June 11, 2007