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This is all the intro episodes put together into one introduction movie.
The black screen part in the middle is not a glitch or a bug. it's part of the Doom story. As the DOOM story tells, the hero heard the battle through his radio, and he never witnessed the actual fighting. The black part is there to make you feel like the hero :).

**Update 12.3.02**
I added a "LAG!" button that skips the graphicaly intensive parts so people with weak computers can skip the "lag". Also had some minor fixes.

Just to make it clear: I DIDN'T USE DUKE NUKEM'S VOICE!!! The sound sample you all are reffering to was also taken from Half-Life: Opposing Force, so there was no need for me to thank 3D Realms.

Thanks for the feedback everyone and don't forget to write more reviews!


no it's not

eitan great flash. krisnox i have played both duke nukem and half life:opposing force the aforementioned sound clip was from the helecopter scene in opposing force.

you used what duke nukem said

but it didnt sound anything like duke, i thimk duke says that on the 'shrapnel city' episode.

nice work

i would say amazing i should somehow give u 12 but that black out part makes me just wanna give a 10 but it doesn't matter any how anyway who cares nice work

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awsome vid

awsome vid but 1 question why did it take so long for them to die?

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Flat-line responds:

hey, they're space marines. give them some credit.
also, in the Doom's intro, it said the character listened to the radio for several HOURS.


Great story and animation. I'm voting 5 out of 5 for this one.

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3.94 / 5.00

Dec 5, 2001
8:55 AM EST