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Mario Breakdance

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Been like a year it seems since i seen the beautiful black of NG. I was starting to fear the worst. But no. It is back up. HOORAH!

Ok, Mario Breakdance is so small because if it was any bigger then the pickies would look even shoddier.

I got the sprites from shyguy kingdom: http://supershyguy.tripod.com/sprites/mario/smwgood.html

and the song is by "Big dumb face - Super mario theme techno remix" (www.bigdumbface.com) which i got off of audiogalaxy (www.audiogalaxy.com).

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Hard to believe this gem is almost 20 years old. What a different world it was in 2001. Super Mario World was as old to this video as Super Mario Galaxy 2 is to us now.

It's just a shit.

zipstyke responds:

You are a shit, ratchet and clank is way shit a shit shit.

Wow, I haven't seen this movie in ages.

I always like the part when Link,Samus,Kirby, and Bomberman have there mouths open. But the end was epic. Classic.

zipstyke responds:

An old favourite enjoyed with a nice beer.

It was boring.

It was really boring and dull. It was some music and some sprites doing some movments, (No teven moving there limbs) Im a big sprite fan myself, but this wasn't that good.

I guess it was ok in 2001 though.

hmmmm... interesting

*the good* it was a lil interesting i guess... though it showed minumum use of a plot
*the bad* i guess nuthin really bad about it... just a lil boring
*overall* meh kind of useless submission.

you got a 2 (woot)

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3.32 / 5.00

Dec 5, 2001
7:40 AM EST
Music Video