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We worked really hard to create this song. And then I put together this flash music video. I used random frame in some places so the girls look different each time you watch.


Nice animation.

Shame about the song from my point of view - I've never been much of a rap fan. The beat of the track goes well with the animation.

On your drawing style, if all women were that shape, we'd be in trouble :P Still, your charicature of Michael J. Fox was amazing - even without the DeLorean in shot, I knew it was him.

You've got a well worked concept (loved the cock joke) and have made a good flash about it. I hope you feel my score has done it justice.

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A mixed bag of rappy raptasticness

Some initial thoughts: That is one huge Hummer, man.... Dem's some skanky hos, yep... you can tell by how they're tweened. :::nods::: ... and... HEY! It's a time-travelin' Delorian + Michael J. Fox. And hey... a use of "scrotum" in rap lyrics. All of that is fairly cool, I suppose.

Hmmm... I dunno, man. As for the rap itself. The chorus isn't so bad, but I found the "verses" if you want to call them that kinda pointless. The "freestyling" portions, as it were. Most of the lyrics seemed to be cursing just to be cursing, too much shit about bitches and tits, it was just... one-note and boring. That, and the actual "melody" of the song was too bland. But some of the visuals were funny, and I did like the first half minute or so a whole bunch than the later stuff.

Actually, things started to go a bit downhill when the J-Kellz parts stopped for awhile and the Vinny B "solo" took place. The "motherfucker" stood out like a sore thumb like it was just being said to be said.

J-Kellz comes back but it's just kinda... eh, too one-note at that point, even from him.

And to finish it off, Hill Billy One comes in and does the crappiest rap of them all. Though the chickens flying out of his pants were... somewhat funny. Is that three chickens getting a come shot in the menu, BTW? Ahhhh.

I dunno, Yoinkers. It shows great promise, but I think the execution is a bit lacking. #;-}>

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YoinK responds:

yea we put this song together rather quickly. Me and my friends always rap about bitches and stuff. It's fun. But yea, J-kellz is the best at rapping. His other songs of just him are really good. Vinny B was me rapping... I didn't do a very good recording... but it's okay. And yea my friend at the end freestyled... he said cock so many times that I decided why not have a flock of chickens fly around and out of his pants. haha I thought it would be humorous so I did that. But yea, this was my first flash movie of 2007. Line quality wasn't so great... but the movie i'm working now... you'll probably like a whole lot more.
thanks for the review gfoxcook, your critiquing is very appreciated.

ok ok

Was was all good, but the end is just bad. But not to bad not to bad at all

It's a pretty good video.

But there's 1 part I hate. The part where Micheal J. Fox got his forehead stabbed by a pickaxe!

YoinK responds:

yea i kinda like michael j. fox... but i felt like somebody needed to die in the animation.


good music but the animation could've been better

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Jun 9, 2007
10:58 AM EDT
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