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We worked really hard to create this song. And then I put together this flash music video. I used random frame in some places so the girls look different each time you watch.



The song was kinda catchy, and well done. I liked that you included the lyrics in the extras menu. I thought the graphics were overall pretty good as well.

YoinK responds:

Thanks marissa-strange, glad you liked it.


Well I must say it is obvious you put a lot of effort into this, shame not many people reconized that while voting. The video very good for what it is supposed to be. The characters and cars are well drawn. The only thing I wished is that, if it look a bit better in the area of some the backgrounds and the gun. Also the gun should have shot one of those cocks, or should been tucked in the front of characters pants with the handle showing.
I like the extra menu so you can read the lyrics. I do like scene select as well. Everything works right along with the lyrics which makes it even better. Even good humor.

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YoinK responds:

Thanks ramagi. Yea my backgrounds should have been better I guess. Glad you liked the extra and scene select options.


Man you guys were really funny, i don't know what i liked more in this flash, those kick ass car designs, the way you animated you guys humping the girls or the cameo of steve austin. I really thought that this was superb, i mean the character designs for the women and the three of you were great and i loved the visual jokes such as the one near the end with the dude taking a shit, classic.I also thought that the extras were great, it was fun looking at the bio's for all three of you guys and seeing the lyrics was also a pretty cool feature. Overall a very enjoyable watch, well done.


YoinK responds:

Hamy-jamy! thanks so much man. I'm so glad you liked this. :)

About tyme

With all the crews and noobs submitting crappy flash music videos...nix that flash all together. Its great to see a orignal good music video loved the song. Great job. I added you guys on My myspace. You got a 10 review from me and I voted 5

YoinK responds:

Oh thanks so much dude. The song and the flash was very fun to make. I'm so glad you liked it. Maybe we can make another someday.

Great work!

Great work Yoink!
A own song, awesom style, well animated. It can't be better.
Hope you get a portal award

YoinK responds:

Thanks Fora

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4.34 / 5.00

Jun 9, 2007
10:58 AM EDT
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