The Day I Killed Hemeroid

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This movie was inspired by Heirem, he was being a fag.
This movie is also not towards retards, it's just that I made heirem be a retard in the movie.
Anyways I didn't think it would actually come out good enough for Newgrounds. Well u tell me how it is, all criticiscm is accpeted and I will reply to all questions.(there are some secrets on the load page)
Some parts of speech is a little quiet so turn it up!!


wow wow wo wow

hot like fira


It was ok, not too bad. I didn't find it very funyn though. The graphics were ok and were Metal Gear Solid-esque. The voices were pretty good, but a little quiet. I think more effrot could have been put into this, overall.

export-gold responds:

yeah i think so aswell

It was almost good but,

this would have been great stuff, but whats up with all the retard bashing. Its not that entertaining watching those guys fight a retard, it would be more interesting if u made a badass villian and u could still make it funny as well. I hope u can make a better story on your next flash man, u got great potential!

export-gold responds:

Okay it's not making fun of retards, it's just about my mate who I make him a retard in the movie (he's not a retard in real life...much lol) mmmmmKAY?

It was Ok

The Unreal Tournament Music just saved it for me :P The Graphics wasn't really good. You need to fix up the their mouths though. Make it look like they are actually saying what is being said. And near the end just before the fight the Hemeroid guy didn't move he's mouth when he talked.

export-gold responds:

yea well like I said I wasn't actually trying to make a good movie...I was just making it about my annoying friend....HEIREM a.k.a Hemeroid

I will finish that madness movie now...

I will finish that madness movie now it will now actully be about u and there will be a realy tall madness man in it reprasenting u!

Nice idea woth that hypnotizm thing tho.

export-gold responds:

Heirem....heirem....heirem... I think that you smell and I will make another movie about you again then. and it will be better, and badder, towards you....my friend.. =)

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3.13 / 5.00

Jun 8, 2007
8:44 PM EDT
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