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Mardek Rpg: Chapter 1

rated 4.42 / 5 stars
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Adventure - RPG

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Jun 8, 2007 | 12:50 AM EDT
  • Frontpaged June 9, 2007
  • Daily 2nd Place June 9, 2007
  • Weekly 4th Place June 13, 2007

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Author Comments

IMPORTANT: This is a rather different version of Chapter 1!
The original was released in 2007, but this version was uploaded in 2010. It's basically a 'remake' in many ways, though the plot and events are generally the same.

Unfortunately, your saves from the old version won't work due to the drastic differences behind the scenes, but there are enough differences, I hope, to make replaying worthwhile. Any saves you make in this version can carry over to later chapters properly.

EDIT (21st of August 2010): Sorry, there'd been bugs with this version for a long time! It's because I fixed the bugs on Kongregate and updated the version there, but didn't do so here... Now I have though, so hopefully all problems will be fixed.

Oh, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure you have an appropriate Flash Player version! There's a screen at the start that warns you if your version is outdated. If this screen appears *at all*, then you may (probably will) experience some bizarre saving problems. Updating your Flash Player prevents them.



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Much better than I expected!

When I first started playing, I had some doubts about this game. It didn't seem to take itself seriously at all, there was only one enemy type, the music was so-so, and the dragon fight was taking forever. The more I played it, though, the more I really liked it. I won't give away plot spoilers or anything, but I like where things went right after the dragon battle. ;) Very cute. It explained the weird dialog at the beginning, at any rate.

Things I like about this game:
--the graphics during battles are fantastic! (I especially like the flying fish, for some reason.)
--the in-game menu, the multiple save slots--just the GUI in general is very well done.
--the "hit A to do extra / avoid damage" system, while not exactly new at this point, is still a nice plus that makes battles more engaging.
--the plot is pure, classic FFIV, with a little Phantasy Star thrown in for good measure. Much better than I was expecting!
--The sprites in the exploration portions of the game remind me a LOT of the older Final Fantasy games. While they didn't really mesh too well with the battle graphics, they do their job, and make me a little nostalgic. That's a good thing.

Things that need work:
--having to select things with the mouse in combat is a little annoying, particularly since you have to immediately use the keyboard afterwards to bonus on damage. It would be much better if you simply used the arrow and A keys to select everything.
--the dialog. Some of it is funny and clever, but townspeople make knowing asides just a little too often (e.g. "Don't let the bed bugs randomly battle you!") It's amusing, but at some point it just takes you out of the game.
--the music is a tad inconsistent in its quality. Some tracks (like the music for the grove when going to find the fallen star, and the battle music in that area) are actually really great. Some of the other tracks, though, aren't too catchy, or seem to meander a bit without purpose. They're not bad or anything, but the quality of everything else in the game surpasses them.

Anyway, over all, this is a really, really well-made and enjoyable game. You get my 5, and I look forward to seeing what you plan to do in subsequent chapters!

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Pseudolonewolf responds:

Why does everyone like the Forest Fish? I've had so many comments on that! o_O

But hm... I suppose I realise now that the beginning segment wasn't the best idea in the world; people (not you, but others) are judging the entire game on that and not getting to the *actual* plot at all... Good to know some people have though and like what the proper plot's like!

Ah, I actually think make it so then you use the arrow keys in battle rather than the mouse... Probably. I meant to do that before, ages ago, but I must've forgotten.

Hm... I like my games to be amusing and light-hearted rather than too serious... But I suppose a lot of people don't share my mode of thinking. Most of the plot dialogue in all the chapters is probably serious for the most part though.

And... interesting. I consider the music in the forest to be the worst track in the game, and really like a lot of the others (I mean, I DID compose them myself; they are my childrens!) but it's, well, interesting to see how peoples' opinions differ!


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Utterly amazing

You really surprised me with this game. This is going to be a huge success. I was happy like a little baby when I found out the dragon fight was their imagination and that I'm actually in a role of a child in a small medieval village! Fighting rats! With fumes coming out their tails! (And forest fish! lol!)

Anyhow, I wanted to give some constructive critique.
I think it would work better if you'd remove the X button completely and all the talking, interacting etc give to the A, it looks more natural to me since it's the main fighting button already.

When entering sewers, forests, whatever, an arrow appeared that indicated we were leaving this and going to another place, what I strongly suggest you do with all the doors in the game too. Its annoying having to click the button every time we want to go through the door. (you know, like the real Pokemon... ;)

And humor had a bit too much... homosexual references? As if you couldn't make us laugh with normal, clean humor, which I know you could (and did in several other occasions). I'm not gonna tell you to change that, (de gustibus non est disputandum.. we all have different sense of humor) so that wont affect my gameplay experience if you keep it that way.

Oh, but for Christs sake change Deugans hairstyle! That hair-over-an-eye style was just too fu*king disgusting! That was too much! He is supposed to be a medieval hero, not a ---I wont say what.

Uh, to conclude, I will definitely play the other seven chapters and if you keep getting better this might easily become the best thing that hit Newgrounds.

(And dont change the battle style, that one's quite original.)

Until the next chapter, cheers.


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Pseudolonewolf responds:

Damn... That A button's actually a good idea. I probably would've used A instead of X, but I used the X key really way before I added Reactions, and just never bothered to change it, I suppose.

And you have to open doors using an action just like in real life! I doubt many doors would open in this realm of existence if you just walked into them!
That's my excuse for just not doing that thing you said.

Also, I do wonder what you're actually referring to when you say there were "homosexual references"... I only remember including one guy saying anything even remotely 'gay', but he was a minor NPC, and it was more of an amusing personality rather than like... bumsex references or something. o_O
Maybe you just interpreted things to be such humour when they weren't meant to be though..?

Heh. Mardek's meant to be a sort of typical, macho D&D-style 'American Fantasy' Hero, whereas Deugan's meant to be one of those typical, bishounenesque Japanese RPG Heroes. Isn't it obvious?!

I like long reviews.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Very well done. The only rpg I've played that has nything on this is stick Rpg which I know is nothing like this but I just really like it too ;). Must've taken you months to finish this! Proper effort investment....made yourself a great RPG! Favourited...can't wait til the other chapters. Got enough from your sponsor I bet though eh! LOL keep it up!

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Pseudolonewolf responds:

Indeed, it did take months! I'm so glad to see that at least some people here seem to realise and appreciate that; a lot of people really don't think about such things and are so quick to just point out flaws and act as if I just made this with the click of my fingers.
Heh... And I sure did get some money from my sponsor. Yes, money which can be traded for goods and services!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Sheer Excellence

Now this game has everything a game like this needs.
The graphics, music and humor all fitted well together which is a rather rare thing to see these days especially on the humor part.
While I don't fancy plots that mix up cosmic lords in flying saucers with medieval worlds, is does seem to work out fairly well. The game world appears to be well thought throug thoroughly so I'll just rest and wait for next chapters which I'm honestly looking forward to.

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Pseudolonewolf responds:

Myes, it seems most "humor" these days is just violent or sexual, and just downright crude.
I'd never stoop to such levels. I'd never do anything so vulgar as to include *any* sexual references whatsoever in my games!
Especially not references to homosexuality or anything like that. Ohno.

Also, how can you not like sci-fi mediaeval crossovers?! They're my favourite types of plots because, uh... well, doesn't it make you wonder what the 'undeveloped' humans would treat a technologically advanced alien like?
Why, they'd consider it a God!
And hilarity would ensue, ohyes.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

well done.

this is a brilliant rpg, you obviously spent a lot of time on this because if it were to be on a game console,id say it would be way up in the final fantasy area. great job!

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Pseudolonewolf responds:

Ohyes, the graphics *easily* rival those of Final Fantasy XII. *Easily*.
'Specially the cutscenes.