Mario RPG: Rawest Forest

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EDIT: To all billion of you upset about the volume of the character "voices" compared to the actual song, send your complaints to the original creator of the song. I simply animated to the MP3 I had, and couldn't alter it in any way. There's nothing I could've done to change it, sorry.

This was a little idea I came up with practically on a whim last Sunday. I finished the whole thing in a little under a week, and I think it turned out pretty well. Back in 2004, a dude by the name of Martin Hagwell, also known as "Märta" made a song out of the BGM from the "Forest Maze" level from Super Mario RPG for the SNES. Just recently, he remixed the song he created into a full-fledged professional sounding song, titled "Rawest Forest". After finding the song by chance last weekend thanks to a YouTube video, I took a listen, and got the idea for this movie. Mario RPG is one of my absolute favorite games of ALL time, and I know it inside and out. Those who know the game as well as I do will catch all of the references scattered throughout the animation. I also used this as a test to try out some new little tricks with animation. The good majority of the movie is frame-by-frame, and yes, I know the drawings're a little crappy (I don't have a tabley, unfortunately), but I enjoyed working on it throughout my last full week of High School (YAY), and it doubled as the final for my animation class, so that's even better! Anyway, hope you enjoy it for what it is. I certainly had a ball.



Awesome, just found the song too.

someones gonna steal it thought, either ytmnd or youtube.
(damn them)

Hopefully that wont happen.


haha that was cool, very well done, i liked the whole odea of the mario RPG and all and the song and graphics were good too. that was very well done and was deffinetly entertaining. great ob on it, keep up the great work.

Not bad.

I must say that I'm rather impressed, many subtle nuances, all of them easily picked up on, accompanied by an interestin' song and some decent, if goofy animation.

Also, bonus points for knowin' that Yoko Shimomura did the composition and arrangements of the game's music.

Awesome!! Oh HELL yeah!!

I loved Mario RPG and I love this movie! And..AND! you used hand drawn animation! (Not that I dislike sprites, but HAND-DRAWN ANIMATION ROCKS!!)

The only thing that keeps it from being *absolutely* perfect in my book is the song is a little hard to understand. I understand that someone else did the song; so I doubt there's much you can do about that. I'd suggest captions; but then they'd have to scroll too fast. So I have no helpful suggestions there.

Otherwise, good job! Hope to see this in the Mario portal!

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This was pretty awesome. I can't understand what they're saying - some of the dialogue was pretty quiet - but I guess that's Martin Hagwell's fault.


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