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Lottery Escape

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Author Comments

A NOT BAD escape the room game.
I tried to submit this game along with SOUND, but
it failed. Maybe later...

OK, let me clear something out for all of you -
1. I'm a musician, I spent 10 entire years studying at the professional music school, but that is not the point. The point is that this is just a puzzle (6 lines, incorrect notes in some places), so what... It's your job to find out what the piano combination is. HINT:
*Consider the note between lines 4 and 5 - DO
*Play all the notes in order they should be in reality


DO, FA, FA#, DO, SI, LA, FA#, FA, FA, FA,
DO, DO, FA, RE#, RE, DO, DO, LA, MI, RE,

That's it, enjoy.


okay one

well, your efforts were nice in this one, but this one needed audio... was no audio in it.

I dislike madeup languages in puzzles

A few things that I hate in escape games.

Buggy games that have not been tested. And authors can spout all they want that they tested it but if it does not work live…it was not tested.

Needing to find the exact pixel to click on.

Looking under a chair and not seeing the chainsaw because I did not look at the ceiling first, or my foot first, or …..

I love puzzles. I hate sliding box puzzles with no solution. Yes, it is possible to have no solution.

I love mysteries. Finding the exact pixel is not a mystery it is a pain.

How about a puzzle based on a made up language that only the author knows. That is basically what a made up musical language is. How about a music scale with 57 notes?

If you know nothing about music, you should not use it as a puzzle or you should learn enough to know what you are doing.

Because of the last puzzle I am more critical than I would be normally, but I am seeing a trend that I do not like. It seems that these puzzles are not very well thought out and are not well tested. Thinking about something does not mean it is well thought out.

I like most of what I see in the last 2 puzzle games that you made. The untested bug was a horrible mistake.

This on may have a better ending but so far it seems it may end in a similar way as the last one.

Also, for the author of a puzzle to be able to input the correct numbers and have the game continue to the end means the code is not buggy, it does not mean the puzzle is not buggy.

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Not possible.

Do you not know how to write music?

You made the clefs wrong. It's impossible to know what notes to play if the clef is wrong.


What's with the natural if there's no key signature?

I can't give it a good grade if only you can read the notes. I know it starts on c, but there are too many lines in the clef. there should only be 5 lines, but there are 6.

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not everyone can read notes

other than that it's not bad

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improvements needed

I cant play piano and cant read notes .If its unnecessary to play that song on the piano i apologise

The lack of sound is annoying.

More thing are needed to do, its too short

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Credits & Info

2.26 / 5.00

Jun 7, 2007
9:00 AM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click