Lottery Escape

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A NOT BAD escape the room game.
I tried to submit this game along with SOUND, but
it failed. Maybe later...

OK, let me clear something out for all of you -
1. I'm a musician, I spent 10 entire years studying at the professional music school, but that is not the point. The point is that this is just a puzzle (6 lines, incorrect notes in some places), so what... It's your job to find out what the piano combination is. HINT:
*Consider the note between lines 4 and 5 - DO
*Play all the notes in order they should be in reality


DO, FA, FA#, DO, SI, LA, FA#, FA, FA, FA,
DO, DO, FA, RE#, RE, DO, DO, LA, MI, RE,

That's it, enjoy.

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I play the piano, and yet...

I still couldn't beat the game. Some of the keys double click and you can't tell when it has because there is no sound when you play the piano. I couldn't make it past the piano part because of the many faults I made in pressing the keys An idealistic thing to do would be to make it play a not when you press the keys. Another problem with entering in the code correctly is that the melody is too long for it to be entered correctly by most people. Alsoyou have to take in account that not everyone know, s how to play the piano or even read music at that. Granted, I'm sure you worked hard on this, but when you make games, always think of who is playing it. Unless you were going to teach everyone how to play the piano or label the keys and notes, then this wasn't a very good idea. Oh and I have a question. If you could PM me or reply to this that would be great--Why does the music staff have six lines?


music!well i did not learn the piano!

Not the best out there

any puzzle that requires the players to have knowledge not found in the game is a sure fire way to alienate users. I while being of intelligent mind am not a pianist therefore have no knowledge what keys are what, and the need for me to learn piano keys to solve a escape puzzle is rarely worth the reward of seeing the "yay you escaped" screen. plus having to play an entire song? you should have named this piano escape!
good graphics and humor though.


Very short, the lottery thing was ridiculous. I understand the name of the game was lottery escape but it would have been better if there was a way to cheat the lottery and that was the only way to get it. Also would have been cool if you could win other prizes. It had so much more potential and you didn't use it.

Gr. I think I hate you.

With such a long code, it's almost impossible to not mess it up for one, making it hard to tell if I'm even entering the right code. This leaves very little room for trying to figure out what the code is supposed to be, even following your directions I can't get it to open because the sequence keeps on getting messed up. Also, you're being detrimental to the people who read music (like yourself,) by putting the notes in the wrong place. You have a good concept by doing these things, but by putting it all together, it ends up being an exercise in futility.
Also, sometimes the notes will double click, leaving you with no clue if you're entering it right or not, especially with the lack of sound to alert you. This is definitely a good start, I was excited to see a piano as part of the puzzle, but I'm beyond annoyed. Boo to this.

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Jun 7, 2007
9:00 AM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click