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Megaman X: the 'MM'

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X, Zero and Axl gets a mission, what is it about?

Okay, this is the best, the funniest, the longest and the most hardworkest ever!
And Im really glad how it turned out after over 6 days working!

This couldnt be done without these persons:
HoodHustla - Voicing Zero
DarKsidE555 - Voicing Signas, TV and Narrator
(Im voicing X myself)

Anyways, take some popcorns and ENJOY!


this is like wat happend before the other 1

x is obbsessed with teddy bears

Shadowii2 responds:

He probably is, thanks for the review.

Also which episode you mean by "this is like what happened before the other one"?

this is the effects of happy pills

poisoning voteing five your soul goes to shadowii2 seeing dead bodys glassy eyes peeing bed _ nice movie x is not emo!!! but a good movie sigma is a drunk no words can expand this movie

Shadowii2 responds:

Haha, thanks, nice you enjoyed!

Also thanks for the review!


I like the part when Zero and Axl scream like girls. Funny Funny!!!!!!!!

Shadowii2 responds:

Haha, thanks! Nice you enjoyed!

More that awesome!!!

Where can u buy Happy pills anyway?



With this shit (look at the score) im happy enough

Shadowii2 responds:

I dont know, maybe pharmacies sell them or something? XD

Anyways, nice you enjoyed!

I find these to be extremely funny..-

yess, i do. if oyu make me laugh... then you kill me. i actually have slight lung problems. i almost died. but it means its awesome. the one thing i would do is eliminate hte hiss from the background voices and make the enviromental artwork a bit better. then again, i am not a flash artist, just a pivoter. Good work anyhow.

Shadowii2 responds:

I know, in this one the artwork wasnt so good but if you go and compare this to Megaman X: "the MR", you WILL see a great difference with the artwork.

Anyways, thanks, nice you enjoyed.

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Credits & Info

4.30 / 5.00

Jun 6, 2007
7:31 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody