Peeman is FUCKING Epic

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WARNING! This contains highly offensive rape scenes and mexicans.. If you are offened by either, you should go die.

How to conduct a play:
By: Peeman

*Plays are gay, except this one.. because we rule bitchs.*

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Gunna show this up for this year's treasure hunt, this deserves front page imo.

I enjoy you.

I do.

The-Peeman responds:

I enjoy long walks on the beach and sodomy.

Funny and unpredictable.

I liked this submission not because of the graphics or animation skill but because of the following reasons.

I didn't have to wait for a long annoying intro or for a plot to develop. There was humor within the first 12 seconds of the entry. It was random but [unlike alot of entries] it worked and it was interesting. The music also added to the viewing experience.

A suggestion i have if you are looking to make improvements are to better the graphics\animation. Also actIII seems to be a bit longer then the others and for a second i thought this was the end of the video [but set on a loop]

Good luck with future submissions.



Random but funny

Didnt like the dead grandma BJ tho...

The-Peeman responds:

Your dead grandma did.


I love the funny randomness....

And to naojason, your offended by mexicans? are you saying that mexicans offend you? did they touch you? point on the doll where they touched you.

The-Peeman responds:

I am an iguana. I eat flourecent light bulbs and shit thunder.