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Arrogancy: Chapter One

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This is the first episode of my bi-weekly series. Subsequent episodes will be available on my site. Blah Blah Blah.

This is the first and weakest episode in the series. My skills grow with each episode, as you can see.

The third episode is what I'm excited in bringing out. It's gonna set a new standard in flash series animation.

Oh, and if you want to know what's going on, I set up a site for the series so you can go there.

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Seducing an assassin? That sounds pretty neat! A pity it doesn't go anywhere here. Then again, it's still a great cartoon. I thought this would be about well, arrogance. It's actually the name of the character.

He honestly doesn't seem that arrogant. I've seen a lot worse. The animation is quite nice. Wasn't expecting a robot to appear. This was off to a great start.

Where can i get the song at the start and end of this animation? ^.^

Just found out that this was made in 2001. Whoa. Had no idea. Well, until now. Since this was a 2001 animation, it's actually pretty good, but it can't compete with today's animation. It's awesome, but the voice acting is pretty dull. So I'll give you 4 stars. :)


At one point in this flash he taunts the girl to come at her and his face look worried I really didn't understand why, I'm thinking maybe that was a mistake overall it was pretty good though.

I haven't really seen all that many 2001/2/3 videos (a few) but this one is the best of them all, animation-wise. The voice-acting IS pretty poor, for the girl especially. Some people say the dude had a Texan accent. Really? I don't think any of the Texan people I know speak that way, at least not in Northeast Texas. I guess that accent was a bit of a southern stereotype. I'll be sure to watch the other ones!