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Book Of Moron

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Nov 30, 2001 | 8:00 PM EST

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Author Comments

I have the pre-loaded set so it will start playing after 66% of its loaded so you are not sitting there picking your nose waiting for all of it to load. Enjoy the movie...the concession stand is now closed.



Rated 0 / 5 stars

thats not right

think of the people with brain problems thats offensive you should be ashamed and try something like .....? uh foamy make a new thing of foamy not offensive yet funny


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

WTF you want from him?

I know this could be too offensive, but just think of this could be about other religion... mayby that could help :P In this way i laughed just a robot-cow (hilarious not?) is programmed to just... make extinct all the morons, i'm glad there is a ONE cow to make our world free of the morons :P And the negative opinnions... hmmm little true but will you just make better? I'm sure that wasn't a film that can get an Oscar but it's good how it looks. And who think this one isn't funny can:
1. Thinks he saw all funny things and NOTHING is funny for him.
2. He dont understand it (i understand a part of it :P)
3. He dont like this type of humor or it's offensive for him
I see other thing that can be - HE'S JUST A MORNON :P
And for author - keep going that, mayby you'll make a realy good one that noone can be angry at, mayby just find other subject.


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You, my friend, are a complete idiot.

It had no satirical value whatsoever, you tried hitting a brick wall with a stick while being ten feet away from it.

This is a sad excuse for a flash in both message value and graphic value.

And anyways, satirising something is only to be used when attacking a corrupt or flawed system, and anyone who knows anything in the religious department knows that the LDS religion doesn't take your money save tithing and fast offerings (unless we talk about the "Fundamentalists" LDS who are lodged somewhere in Nevada, which the community runs on giving all your ownership to the stake president and then distributes it based on requirements, somewhat like a Command Economy, only religious...).

The only thing I've seen the Mormon religion attacked on is concerning polygamy (Which is also another misconception, again this is limited to the ever-waining "fundamentalists").

I will not contend with an opinion unless it is so flawed and foolish like this, you're one of the blind fools that so decay society, but it doesn't matter what I say because you're too stupid and arrogant to listen to me or anyone, reason-possessing or not, unless they agree with your stupidity.

You will live in dispair that is not afflicted by any "Satin" these religion so talk about, but by your own stupidity and blindness. And you will scream aloud blaming all those around you before they leave you in disgust, and you will be alone for all your life, all these things true as long as you continue to hold to this foolishness.

This is my opinion and I will state it whether you like it or not, and I care not if you heed my words, for I know that I am not better than you, but you are far worse than anything else...


Rated 2 / 5 stars


He has every right. This is a free forum and he is satirizing something, SAAAATIRRE. He has just as much right to poke fun at Mormonism as you have to poke fun at anything else. Hurray for intellectual property.

Though It does suck pretty bad.


Rated 0 / 5 stars

that was offensive

i happen to be mormon and found that really offensive im not religoues liek some mormons but you have no fkn right to display this kind of stuff and make fun of people because their different then you.