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Video Game Stick Fight

It's NOT really a game, it's like watching 2 guys play on a playstation. The controls and health and stuff are just there for effects.

At the start, hover your mouse over certain areas to find out information, and click the blue arrows to continue.

5 weeks in the making.

I know it's only 1 minute long, but obviously I crammed heaps of detail down it's throat. It's my first attempt at layered stick's, as soon as I get a tablet, I'm doing fbf.

This was mostly fbf by the way, only a small portion was tweened.

I hope you like :)

By the way, the broken 1 is coming out ALOT later due to no microphone (goddamnit).


make more action

Pretty good graphics. It would be nice if it was a little bit more fast paced though.

ASP responds:

Faster? No thanks. More action? Maybe, but I lost interest so I just added music and credits, and that's all.

This isn't a game at all

Pressing the arrow keys on your keyboard does nothing so why have the instructions at the start? That with the fact that I am so sick and tired of seeing stickmen fighting is why I gave you a zero. Use anything but stick men. Use box men, star men, circle men, rectangle men, but no friggin stick men PLEASE!

ASP responds:

Box men? You're a bit silly, aren't you? OF COURSE IT'S NOT A GAME. Why else does it say 'Watch Movie'? It just shows what the controls looked like, because I added time for what the players WOULD be pressing if it were a game. And if you don't like stick figures, don't comment at all.

This was pretty decent!

I liked it, the music went well! However, It would have looked better with a little more "cleaned-up" graphics. The style was something new that I have not seen before though, and I liked it.

Make some more stuff and message me.

ASP responds:

Cleaned up graphics? Sorry, I used too much time doing fbf. Glad you liked and thanks for the music, should I have asked for permission?

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2.81 / 5.00

Jun 5, 2007
7:28 AM EDT