DailyMoons #05

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WE DRINK RITALIN! SUBMARINE BURNING IN HELL! Man do we love this song down at the moon myndicate. I mean LOVE. We masturbate as we listen to it. Anyway, point is, we felt it was high time we all settled down and made a lovely collab. We hope you enjoy this. I lost all my fingers in the bitter cold making this for you guys the least you can do is vote 5.

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i thought it was funny

I thought it was pretty funny and hope to see a few more of them.

Fivemoon responds:


A fimilier lack of effort.

Hum well the intro was the same thing as all of your other works so while decent it took all of approximately 5 seconds to copy and paste into a new flash submission. The rest of the movie is merely a sideshow with different pictures and video clips, none of which [unless i missed something] is your own work. I suppose visiting a search engine & copy and pasting these into your flash could qualify as effort but would be the minimal amount. The sound is a plus but it merely distracts the viewer from the lack of work and innovation that went into the production of this movie. An analogue is trying to cover up the smell of a fresh deification with an air freshener, it dosen't change the fact that underneath its still just feces. As for violence and humor, there is none, but i don't think it would take you Ebert and Roeper to tell you that. If you are trying to get a point across i think you would be more effective making a flash that teaches people that ctrl+c is copy and ctrl+v is paste. Also your breaking the submission rules for submitting an entry with a grossly inaccurate rating. Good luck with future submissions : ). I look forward to hear your intelligent and enlightening response.


Fivemoon responds: