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Dawn of the Bod

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13/11/2009: Sweet new version with Facebook and Twitter high score posting and better graphics.

Controls: Move crosshair with mouse. Left Button fires. Move to the bottom of the window to reload.

Dawn of the Bods sees you as the gun-toting hero fending off the hordes of Zombie Bods over a variety of different locations. Zombies can be killed with a head shot, but juggling the head will add more points and Hot Shots (shooting the head in the dead centre) which split the head will replenish your health. Be careful, if you take too mach damage you will get The Fear and your targeting will become more difficult.

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simplistic and easy to get into very nice

I played this one a lot when I was a kid. Shooting a zombie right in the dead center of its head and watching both halves fall clean off is very satisfying. There isn't much variety other than the changing backgrounds and outfits on the zombies, so it can get pretty repetitive, but shooting zombie heads mid-air to maintain a combo is timeless.

When I saw the title, I thought it was going to be something sexual. You know, with the whole "bod". I guess I'm glad it wasn't. Zombies aren't sexy. Except for the chick from Xombie, damn! Okay, this is a pretty good game. You could have put more detail into the zombies.

I liked how they died with different degrees if you shot them in different places. That's fairly realistic. Then again, nobody's really fought zombies in real life. The music is rather nice. Seems like I see your name a lot in reviewing old games.

Interesting and unique.

i hate this game its bad!!!!!