World of Dreams

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UPDATE: Added a 'panic' button. If and only if some sort of bug means you can't complete a level (and this has never happened to me), press the + key to activate the Game Over panel.

Find your way through the world of dreams in this running and jumping extravaganza! Sorry if the sound quality's a little low - I've got your bandwidth concerns at heart. Please try to play all the way through before voting - the last half's pretty superior to the first :P

W, A, S, D or Arrow Keys to move character or vehicles and jump
SPACE or SHIFT to attack (acquired) or fire vehicle weapon
Q to toggle low and medium quality
H to force high quality

This has been something like three months in development, and I'm not much of an artist so it may not be the most amazing thing in the world graphically. Thanks to all the audio artists who's stuff I found in the Portal.

I've done my best to compensate for lag, but low quality is recommended to ease up on the graphical side if the game's slowing.



i like the boss battles in this game,even though they are pretty hard to beat besides the flying pig and the robot that you face twice

the graphics are decent
i hate the sound sorry just not my style,maybe some options?

overall though its a decent game

Paranoia responds:



I found the game to be very well made sorta reminded me of those kirby games a bit. BUT there is a glitch in the game that has happend to me twice! When u use the radar/microphone shortranged attack thingy before entering a next area u may freeze in position of the attack. This really ticked me off and if a sequel is coming out fix it! But since I don't want to be unfair for just that i'm still giving it an 8. Really because u could have added more story to it and better music sound and got a bit repetitive, but it was still alright.



Paranoia responds:

I'll try...


Graphics and style were nice but although the music was good, this one lacked sound effects. The interaction with the game was somewhat hard: things like gravity (he jumps for an hour or so), no possibility for short jumps and no action button when walking (I don't know nor care about how do you open the cage with the coin inside or move the lever). I just think that it can be more playable... Also in dreams YOU CAN'T DIE. You may wake up, yeah or have lucid dreams, wich is the best... but not die.

Paranoia responds:



This was addicting and fun.

Paranoia responds:



This game is awesome! The only advice I have for you is to make this game have a storyline.

Paranoia responds:

It was kind of meant to be fairly plot - free, between the totally concealed features of the character and the level selection method and everything. I mean, since when do dreams have to make sense? :)

But thanks for the review!

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4.13 / 5.00

Jun 4, 2007
1:57 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle
  • Daily 3rd Place June 5, 2007