World of Dreams

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UPDATE: Added a 'panic' button. If and only if some sort of bug means you can't complete a level (and this has never happened to me), press the + key to activate the Game Over panel.

Find your way through the world of dreams in this running and jumping extravaganza! Sorry if the sound quality's a little low - I've got your bandwidth concerns at heart. Please try to play all the way through before voting - the last half's pretty superior to the first :P

W, A, S, D or Arrow Keys to move character or vehicles and jump
SPACE or SHIFT to attack (acquired) or fire vehicle weapon
Q to toggle low and medium quality
H to force high quality

This has been something like three months in development, and I'm not much of an artist so it may not be the most amazing thing in the world graphically. Thanks to all the audio artists who's stuff I found in the Portal.

I've done my best to compensate for lag, but low quality is recommended to ease up on the graphical side if the game's slowing.


Good game.

Well, I liked it... Still, jumping onto the platforms is kinda weird, sometimes I would slam right into it from the side, and all of a sudden I was on top after a kind of a screen shake (or graphics messing up for a split second)... Also falling if I got onto it just barely. That's the only thing that doesn't help my rating.

Still, I really loved the music and the idea of the game. Pretty good.

3 years later...

...And this game is still a treasure. Please ignore the "useless" comments below. Since i hate bad grammar (you were died), I hate dying. Since i hate dying, i have to show i am better than the game, by winning. I got pretty far, first found this on Andkon, and i'm dying to know the ending. Im up to the Umbrum boss. Please tell me how it ends! If you don't get this i'll sen you a PM.

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damnit i were died. great game. innovative

Wow, inspiring.

I saw your post in the "hiring" topic linking to this, and I am glad I went here XD THis is nice, I want to create a platforming adventure like this one day.

There were a few things up with the platforming engine, involving cloud platforms and such, but it wasn't that bad. The graphics had their own flair, and the music bought the mood out. Good job, possibly consider a larger camera scale next time.


i think you missed out (audio) milkam-dan's 'stop motion symphony'.... haha.... anyways, great game, but how do you beat the boss hog?

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4.13 / 5.00

Jun 4, 2007
1:57 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle
  • Daily 3rd Place June 5, 2007