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Wrath of the Anicopters

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Something meaningless and ludicrous I slapped together over a weekend or two. I apologize in advance.

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blow it out your ass :D

your the next best thing since sliced bread!!!
cant wait for your new vids articles and comics!

"Oh god, their going to beat me again..."

Genius, my friend pure genius my only question is....why bats I was waiting for the ant to say Earth but when he said bats....I was like....wait a minute that's not right...but anyways loved it keep them coming!


are a freaking genious, adding you as a fav artist, first digi-evolving thing, then elements and ani copters!??? and that silent ant one, and your new on with those creatures they are all so differnt and yet awesome!!! your are very talented in many diverse ways, go you!!! XD YAY now i'mma watch the rest of your stuff lol

Scythemantis responds:

Aw, thank you!


that was just epic
i think i peed my pants

off to watch the second part

Your humor here is [adult swim] caliber. Truly damn funny.

Scythemantis responds:

I actually sent them a big package of art, scripts and animations, wasn't expecting to hear back though (and didn't) - they probably get dozens a week :)