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TooF 1301

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Im going to f&*king kick you in the damn nuts!

I'm not going to tell you when... its going to be when you least expect it. Then BAM! RIGHT BETWEEN THE LEGS. Thats what you get for not telling me when I am up till 5am that its out... Now that I got that out...uhhhh...hmmmm...lets see here.....this is where I kiss your ass and tell you how great the animation was right? Well you all ready effin know how good it was, so I will leave it at that. Oh yeah.... might want to buy an ice pack in advance buddy, your going to need it later. :)

MACception responds:

Duuuuuuuuuuuuude! We hardly ever talk anymore. Like I said, ever since you went away for a while, things haven't really been the same :(

I mean, I still loves ya and all that crap, but still...I guess we just don't talk as much.

Glad you liked it though dude. To me, it's a bigger challenge to keep fans, rather than make them.

That touched me in a happy place...

Yeeeaaahh... Tried to make the subject line sound not so gay but... anyway Good job as usual and keep it up. Oh and don't wait so damn long between animations next time, ok? I read why it took so long and I commiserate but damn... no really though good job and keep it up.

MACception responds:

I know what you mean dude, but hopefully you'll see the fruits of my labor someday...Wow that's a lame term... "Fruits of labor"...Applicable, but still dunno why I said it.

Anywho, it's not like I haven't been animating...I've just been animating stuff you guys haven't seen yet :) And hopefully someday, I'll be able to put it all together :)

short but sweet.

like a great little tid bit O funny. heh heh

MACception responds:

Glad you enjoyed it man. :) I really wish I could have made it longer, but...well, you can listen to why on the commentary on my site :)

Woo I got to see under review

Awesome. These are pretty cool. Only thing is you should make them longer. Even if it makes the time in between longer, It would probably be more enjoyable.

Other than that, have a free internets =D

MACception responds:

Check out the commentary on my site. You'll understand why it was on the short side after you hear it.

SOrry nontheless, I really wish I could have made it longer.


Blah Blah Blah Excellent

blah Blah Blah great but simple

blah blah blah I'll listen to your commentary

MACception responds:

Good deal :) I hope you enjoy the commentary as well :D

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Credits & Info

3.78 / 5.00

Jun 3, 2007
9:40 PM EDT
Comedy - Original

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