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I'm back after a long time with another submission...THIS QUIZ GAME!!! and yes, this is a quiz game based on the Megaman Zero series. Well, I made this cause I love the Megaman Zero games and wanted to see how many of you out there really like it and know about it as well...yup,MMZ REALLY ROCKS!!!
Anywayz, the questions are pretty simple and if you do well, you will unlock cool secrets based on your score. So, enjoy the game and GOOD LUCK!!!

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a very good work!! and finally someone that loves mmz series!


saberzero is correct, for one thing. how would i know, you ask, well i've been playing the megaman zero games for a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time and also @SuperAwsomeCrazy, please you retard, change the screen resolution to highest no. of pixels! i had some effing trouble of scrolling up and down! and as for saber zero, this game is super mega awsomely highly fully legit! and awsomely super amazingly omega awsome! some pros unlockable content ( i'm not a spoiler, so i wont say) gameplay some cons nothing

No, Just,No

Zero 3 1000 shlash
Zero 1 Buster shot
Zero 1 Staet with Buster Shot

Fix This Before relaseing the fanil procd

sorry to say this but...

sorry to say this but zero didnt pick up the buster from the dead guy. i have the game and i know that the dead guy, in your pop up that shows what happened, is on the opposite side of the actual game. you should do a little more studying on megaman zero. i will rate a 7/10. partially for the good graphics cool looking pop ups. but the bad parts are for the wrong info on megaman zero like how he got the z buster. he already had it at the begining of the game.

Bad answers

Some of these answers are defect. So until that gets fixed, I'm also rating this a 0.

You can't make an ultimate quiz game, if you can't even get the answers yourself.

For example, Zero doesn't collect the Z buster. He starts off with it. I have no idea where you even got that from!

The recoil rod Ex skill in Megaman Zero 3 is also called 1000 Slash. How do I know? Because I'm actually looking at the game right now.

You have to follow the actual game. Please don't make your own assumptions, or else we are not quizzing the game, but your own fantasy and imagination.

So please, try to fix some of these answers. :S It's not fun when I know I'm right, but I get a wrong answer, and then penaltized with a low score. And that just makes a bad quiz game.

saberzero responds:

seems that you have a lot to learn about the megaman zero series games. And from your review i can understand you don' know jack shit about the megaman zero series. I suggest that you visit the official websites for these games and do some R & D before answering any kind of quiz related to this.

For your information zero collects the Z buster from the dead body of milan in the start of the game "which is why the pop up comes "you got the Z-buster". Regarding the 1000 slash, the EX skill is called rapid rod technique and this is obtained after zero beats "deathdance mantisk" at S level.
All this proves one thing, please check your eyesight if you did not see this when you played the game becasue you have poor attention to detail.

And regarding your review, i dont care a damn on what you wrote, becasue i pity u for 2 reasons, 1.) you take these kind of things 2 seriously 2.) you cant even dream of making stuff like this therefore i pity u. Please crawl to the nearest gutter and stay there.

Have a nice day!!!

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3.69 / 5.00

Jun 3, 2007
4:57 AM EDT
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