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Sonic Vs. Shadow 2

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Sonic takes on Shadow...but Shadow has some surprises waiting for him and Sonic fails. Of course, his good buddy Tails is there to help him fail more!

With new extras, cool songs, and fun references (may not actually be fun), this Flash is awesome!

I shortened some boring scenes, and I promise that some actual fighting will be in the next one!

-If I forgot to credit you, please inform me.


Good, but a bit confusing and short!

Overall it was a good flash, however, it was confusing at first when shadow splits in two, and it leaves the viewers to guess what's going on. Also, it's a shame that is was'nt longer!

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I liked the good atmosphere of it all, but the fight was pretty boring and there just wasn't enough action.

You should make it into a story and make the sprites move and fight faster.

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That was boring and... hmmm.. Cliché, i hate Sprited stuff, there are lots of Sonic vs. X Gay Character, the sound wasn't cool, violence was, just uh, and it was pretty funny the preloader.

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Some of the effects were over-dramatic and took too long- for example, the Shadow glowing and the Sonic flying up into the air- and the Dragonball Z thing was... To put it simply, cliché. I got really bored watching Sonic fly up into the air and up and up and up- and I get the feeling that you're not too good with sprites: they sort of move and shift a little even when they're supposed to be standing still and Tails seemed to be hovering a little off the ground when with Shadow.


Didn't like it..plain and simple..Shadow too strong....that is ok in some movies but when it is one on one....it is just boring.

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3.09 / 5.00

Jun 2, 2007
10:57 PM EDT