Save Our Planet!!

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This was again another of my projects at college, but this time to produce an animation about global warming. It shows the darker side and the parts people dont usually see in crappy TV ads.
The song Oasis - The importance of being idol


Apart from that white border that pops up around the time the girls face is smashed, this was great. Walk cycle for the man is almost too slow, but it syncs with the beat. How he's dragging darkness after him is pretty cool. Love the music, and the animation's got that same laid-back pace too. Real nice work!


smooth one

that was a pretty smooth animation.... especially the idea behind this one. maybe they should show this animation on global crisis commercials, maybe then someone will actually pay attention to them. this animation here was very nice. it was very original, had a good plot to it and you put a great effort into it.

it was good

it was good but i didn't like that it suddenly cut off at the end you could have made the music fade away or something it would have been better than everything just stoping

XGeorgettex is a douchebag.

Ok, I kinda get it but I doubt she gets it as much as she thinks she does. It was Ok, thats all. The animation was better than average, but could have been done by anyone if they really tried. Anyway, it was pretty good but it was WAY to slow paced.

It's beautifully done

A lot of thick people didn't get it, but I did. The tall guy is like pollution and the human race, the girl is nature, and him tapping the cane is us killing the Earth. I understood it fully. Really well made.

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Jun 2, 2007
5:17 PM EDT
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