The Origins of BARF

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First NG submission.

This is an artist's dramatization of what might have happened during conceptualization/develop ment stages of the fight dialogue in <i>River City Ransom</i> (Technos, 1990)--namely, the famous "BARF!" quote. (Note: video clip of game captured on personal NES emulator, and thus is my own video.)

Originally produced for my shared deviantART account (~wreckingcrew). My wreckincrew partner Tim came up with the concept, and I went to work on it.



"Thou hast smote me to the ground below. Fie on thee!"

This was truly original. I never really thought about how they came up with it!

Good job.

Needs a bit of work

Not bad i had a few chuckles. I feel like it should be slightly faster and more to the point. The audio seemed a little muffled but wasn't too bad. The contra intro was defiantly a plus.

OK you get points for you &quot;Contra&quot; intro

It was somewhat funny but something tells me the sound is not working as it should. This happens to me all the time. On internet, most of the sounds dont mix very well. not like in a PC.
By the way... ALWAYS put a preloader! if you don't do this youl keep people waiting 10 minutes til it loads with NUTIN TO SEE

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SwivelTech responds:

Yeah. I should have put a preloader on, but I didn't even think of it until it was too late.

That having been said, it's not too late to go back to the .fla file and whip one up, and re-upload. I might do that later tonight.

I set the audio clip to "Stream" so that it will synch up, and it's working fine on my end (except for the closing sound, which SHOULD start at the beginning of the Play Again scene, but starts early--I can't seem to figure that out).

Anyway, thanks.


very funny. good job

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Jun 2, 2007
1:19 PM EDT
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