Munch's War

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Thankyou Adam Phillips mostly for both recording voices AND helping me out on exporting this thing!!
Notice: Just letting people know the voice actors/animators gave their voices in so im not attacking them in anyway. well i am.
Munchs war is a very personal project with guest stars like
Adam Phillips (Blockenwood)
and Mike Swain (Brackhead)
and a few of my own little things.
With fantastic Perth band, The Fatsack Holes

Please enjoy!
Tom says its "GHASTLY!!?!?!"


Adam Phillips

Is that account of Adam Phillips based on fact. Is he actually an odd ball. If he is then my respect for him has increased. The toon was well animated and good although a bit narsasistic. P.s why didnt you let David Firth in you're club. He fookin rocks.

munchmed responds:

he WAS going to have a line (not by David Firth himself) but it just didnt fit into it.
So i left that out.
thanks anyways! Adam says he is!

lol, best animation about nothing

I think it's great. It's pretty random, but the funny parts of the random parts make up for it. The animation was simple and easy which is cool. Really good.

Ha. Ha. And, free this month only, a bonus HA!

This is a fine flash. Fine like the shirt of Mike Swain, only not obscured by a greasy packet of chips. I especially liked the Adam Phillips interview and your ability to summon the power of widescreen at will. Most excellent flash, and don't listen to those who put you down just for the sake of it.

Haha loved it

Yeh this is a great little flash movie. I genuinely laughed! Keep it up!

Its alright

A nice flash, dont really understand why this got Underdog, since I think Underdog isnt a really cool award. I think its weird aswell cause this has daily? Anyway, you definitely spent much time on all the details in this. Some things gave me a chuckle, other things werent that humorous in my opinion.
GR: 8, great work on drawing all those details!
ST: 6, Im not too fond of your style though. But thats just me.
SO: 7, Hard one. I dont like the ending song, but the voice acting was pretty good.
VI: 5, Its not much but there is some violence.
IN: 2, A play button, itll do.
U: 4, I think the plusses were the fries, the drilling and the blue guy. Didnt really like the rest.
OV: 8, Since you made a big effort, and I respect that^-^

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3.97 / 5.00

Jun 2, 2007
8:17 AM EDT
Comedy - Original
  • Underdog of the Week June 6, 2007
  • Daily Feature June 3, 2007