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Munch's War

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Author Comments

Thankyou Adam Phillips mostly for both recording voices AND helping me out on exporting this thing!!
Notice: Just letting people know the voice actors/animators gave their voices in so im not attacking them in anyway. well i am.
Munchs war is a very personal project with guest stars like
Adam Phillips (Blockenwood)
and Mike Swain (Brackhead)
and a few of my own little things.
With fantastic Perth band, The Fatsack Holes

Please enjoy!
Tom says its "GHASTLY!!?!?!"

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Nice use of Color

So first I will start off with the intro its pretty good was not too much but it was nice to see an intro before the actaul flash starts up, there was not much but still a decent intro made it even more enjoyble, so nice effort there.Everything was drawn in a very simple fashion. Though the animation was nice and smooth most of the time, and was all in a good perspective and so on, so it does have some Potential. I love the color and how you implemented everything the characters are funny and amusing, a good little story here with these characters. Now I of all people certainly dont just give the top grade to any flash works but here you had something of interest, And while I will Summarize this review down, The Conclusion is that its a decent effort of works.

So try and experiment with this flash there for sure is Plenty of room for a few changes, But anyways I Will post a few ideas if any, so here are some ideas and some possible advice for improvments, good luck on this and the next work of art you have. To be honest you covered all the main areas of a flash and there is not too much to improve on but maybe I would say ad subtitles but its not really needed.



wth it ses brackhead in author comments thingo BRACKHEAD?

awesome music

im only giving this a ten because the music in the begining sounds awesome and blockhead

very nice!!!!

creator of blockhead is cool!... but very distracted!
adamphillips and his ideas xD... he sees things that do not exist ^^ i laughed

i added this movie to my favorites!


This is friken randomly awesome...