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Gods 1.5

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Author Comments

This is a remake of the old Graveyard of Drunken Souls (GODS) game from 1837. Now with skulls flying around, all new graphics and code as well as new hats. (Still 75 hats, though)

Some weapons are tricky to use at first.

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oh geez -.-

this game has way 2 many glitches like when they reach u
they can get stuck into your body and u cant attack them unless u walk away this costs u endless hp also i have noticed random deaths that zombies didnt do

just random deaths, u just fall dead wich even makes an easy game as this hard u gotta fix these glitches


Next time you shud make epic face a head tho


I keep dying after killing 95! But I do like your game, especially all the random heads you can choose. Maybe have like an easy option next time for the people that aren't great at games? lol

Hum ...

A repetitive but totally addictive game :D

Not as good...

I still prefer the older version... It was more pleasing to the eye.