Amy's REVENGE! Part 3

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The final part of the trilogy I hope you enjoy it.

Note: any similarities between this movie and the recent ep. of SMBZ is purely coincidental as this movie was mostly completed before that animation was uploaded. However I am a big fan of Alvin-Earthworm's work and the SMBZ series was a big inspiration for the trilogy.

EDIT:For all those morons who are complaining that "ZOMG!111 AMY CAIN"T DO DAT!111!!! KIL DAT PINK BITCH!11!!1" remember that this is a PARODY involving FICTIONAL VIDEO GAME CHARACTERS. It is NOT SUPPOSE TO MAKE SENSE OR BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY. And just because she killed some character doesn't mean they're dead. If you play the games Espio's not decapitated, Eggman hasn't been impaled and Mario hasn't been disintergrated with a Spirit Bomb. ONLY THEIR ORIGINAL CREATORS CAN KILL THEM OFF FOR REAL NOT ME.

Sorry for this rant but it's annoying that a lot of people can't deal with a fictional character fictionally dying in a completely un-official, fan made story.

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amy punching mario in the balls was the best thing,I think your a fan of naruto thats why you use ninjutsu attacks.

Hey there, Sonic the hedgehog here. I'm kind of glad I'm traped in this cage, it keeps me away from Amy which has killed everyone I know and love. Well see you later

Damn. Mario got raped. Quality could have been better though.

Hum, now I imagine, maybe Sonic and Amy can make a good fighting team.
Ok, four stars, it's was not bad, but was not perfect.

do you think it hurts your heart that mario is dead it makes me sad :{ so two stars that it makes me feel bad

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4.54 / 5.00

Jun 1, 2007
1:55 PM EDT