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Seizure Warning

My entry to the rock out contest. With the new features of AS3, you can load your own song and the game will generate a level based off of it! Featuring 10 included songs. You can only submit your high score by playing the included songs.

Remember to put http:// before your URL if you're loading a song! If the song loading doesn't work, try playing from my website instead of NG, i think NG might have restrictions on interacting with another website.

Seizure warning



Meh...not that good

When you go to 'load', there's no back button. I know i was supposed to load something, but i just wanted to check it out >_<

The background is WAY to trippy! Really detracts from the game

The concept was...alright, but the execution was way off! I couldn't really tell if the drops were related to the music at all!

Overall, this games needs some work


good but the strobe is gving me a hedache

Great job :D!

Though I got one of those as3 errors after attempting to load a song, before that it said 'spectrum data cannot be read.', there needs to be a back button from that part.

Aside that, great game, wide variety of songs, you only needed the spectrum code I guess, so it didn't need much effort, but great job on the effects :D!


Its like DDR except you use a mouse.

A fantastic idea poorly executed.

Sorry to say it man, the idea was great! Honestly, creating levels based on music thats uploaded?
Amazing.. i just expected a different type of game.. and for the upload to actually work. I tried it both here and on your site.

Anyway, im not quite sure if this is possible.. ive not ventured outside of ActionScript 2.0 yet. But I expected the music to actually shape a level.. perhaps like a defender type game, but where the top and bottom is shaped by the level, and the enemies are spawned by and react to the music.

A very cool idea, but im afraid it just wasnt much fun.

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