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Seizure Warning

My entry to the rock out contest. With the new features of AS3, you can load your own song and the game will generate a level based off of it! Featuring 10 included songs. You can only submit your high score by playing the included songs.

Remember to put http:// before your URL if you're loading a song! If the song loading doesn't work, try playing from my website instead of NG, i think NG might have restrictions on interacting with another website.

Seizure warning



am I the only one who thinks this is amazing?

seriously, this game was like the first rock out game, and i still think it is the best.
everything else is simple and could be made within a week, this subission is downright crazy.
the collected things actually blend in with the background when youy get them, and it actually acts like g-force, i mean HOW DID YOU DO THAT? its crazy.

if it were up to me this game would win.
rock out.


the only reason to play this game is to watch the trippy backgrounds. the notes or w/e that come down may be in sync but i cant tell because i dont have to hit them in sync and i cant really see all of them being in sync anyway. but this is a pretty bad idea since i can just go to windows media player and watch cooler stuff and listen to good music. that brings me to the fact that no matter how many different songs i tried i couldnt get it to let me upload stuff. feh

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Fuckin' trippy I'm gonna try playing that high :P

If this is your first time playing this game....

Prepare your eyes for a visual drug trip minus the meth or pot...... or cocain....
Well i love it!!! This game will probably win the contest! Well if i had any money i would pay you to make a sequal!! but i dont have money currently and the amount you would want i probably would'nt be able to afford it!! har har har....... I love it i gave it 7 for humor because it just so funny all the strobe lights the melting into the background oh it so great man love it!!

guhhhh guh guhh

i think i litraly had a siesure playing this game

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3.28 / 5.00

Jun 1, 2007
8:59 AM EDT