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Michael's Stand-Up 5

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Featuring special guest star Dane Cook! (Sort of.)

Presented by BadAtom.com

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i suire hope you didnt record that... that was a poorly done copy of dane cooks material... not too funny, but the animation was good. 4end/

Dane Cook, Suicidal Tendencies FTW!

Great job here, if I say so myself. I believe this is a take on people who believe Dane Cook steals his material, which is total bullshit. (Them people can suck a cock.) Anyways, it delievered, but got a HUGE amount of win when you put "Institutionalized" at the ending credits. Awesome song, awesome flash.

Anyways, I hope to see more from you. Kudos on a good job.

PS: Monkey was random and funny, by the way. Again, good job.

Not surprised, but still shocked.

I'm really happy with how much you've improved since you started! Very nicely done all around. I'll assess this the best that I can but what changes you still need to make are minor at best.

+I loved the easing of the motion--very smooth and very subtle.
++++I loved the fact that the mustache hairs moved as they spoke. Great attention to detail.

+Nice shadows and and lighting effects--I'm interested in how you pulled off your blurs with your version of flash.

? Are you characters purposely 2D? Seeing that I've never seen a side profile, I'm noticing a parappa the rapper trend with the way they move. It's a fine style in it's own right. I'm just honestly wondering.

+ Much longer than your usual animations--you pulled it off quite well. The scenes were well planned out and executed well. I liked the slight joke at the end too.

+/- Blood and guts? That surprised me--that's certainly a new way of animating them too. I've never tried it that way before and it gives me some ideas.

Peoples Court = Random

And I loved the monkey too--and the sneak in Su-Fi was a great add in.

The animation is nice all around, there's nothing that I could possibly point out anymore. You're really a great animator. Nothing more I can do but pat you on the back.


Nicely done effort, i thought you did a great job of capturing the viewers attention with this flash. The humor was great, i liked the opening gag about burger king and the long applauding introduction for Cook was awesome, i liked the way he cut it off. You had some great effort put into this, i thought that the syncing of the words to the characters mouths and the emotions to go with those words were really well animated and timed. The graphics were great and i liked when you used that angle from behind the comic looking into the spotlight. Overall a great flash.


Bad-Atom responds:


I'm glad you could appreciate the effort that went into this.

vary funny dude

dude you must good at flash quz that rocked.

Credits & Info

4.20 / 5.00

May 30, 2007
10:30 PM EDT

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