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Sir Wit And The Idiots

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My 70th movie =D.

Artwork by Yoop, animation by Cal.
Please leave lotsa reviews.

Voices - Monacle man - Cal
Slag - Sarah
Black guy - Johner
Maniac - Yoop
Fuzzy - Yoop

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Wow, I'm surprised this never caught on.

Seriously, a retard, an old white guy, a stereotypical black guy and a slut all getting into random antics. This is just fun filled lulz. Even though you yelled a bit into the mic It was funny.

Actually I always find that shit funny for some reason I dunno why

Funny stuff man keep it up!


dont worry folks ive took the liberty of taking all 100% for my self...NOW SuCK MY COCK!!! that was funny except for the dick part at the end......looking at dicks on almost every video on newgrounds is getting annoying.

i killed seven people today.

nice, that was a good job, but why does every flash have to have a penis in it?

the shizzeh

that was the shizzeh

not bad

that was an alright animation. a little short and random overall, but the characters were alright and your efforts were adequate in it.