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Make sure you version of Flash is current.

Evil forces in Mouse City have kidnapped Super M's wifey. It's up to Super M to rescue her... again and again.

Try to get as many gold and silver coins as possible and also don't forget to save Ms M at the end of each level.

Game starts off easy, but gets very fast as the levels progess.



HAHA!! I loved running into the buildings!! Cool game, overall! Nice use of Mode 7!

Good Game

the game was simple collect coins, save wife, etc, etc..the controls were very simple just move mouse around too move super mouse, though i didnt like the drawing at all, look like a kid drew it out of his imagination ^_^ though the game was well done and pretty easy i didnt really enjoy it much, but ty for putting your time into this game.

Pros and Cons

Some pros and cons about this is the mouse control,you can steer with it. But as I neared the end of the first level,I SMACKED into one of the pillars,and had to get sent back to the start again. You should implement some checkpoints into this,and some destructible environments. - Rob

No offense, but not worthy of the front page.

The way the mouse flies is really sweet...but that and the mouse's dying animation are all that's interesting about this game. Sorry, the whole "collect the coins" thing got lame after the first thousand games that do the same thing. If you expand upon the behind-the-back perspective of this game and maybe put some action in there somewhere, it would be awesome.

Was ok

Its alot like your other games. Ive played and liked a few, but they all seem to be dull and just more of the same. They have a bit of a cool idea to them, but you dont go anywhere with it. Its kind of like youve played, for example, that game by the super flash brothers where you fly forwards and got that idea, built it all up, but then gone no where with it. 'Collect coins'.. how original and what great fun.

I think you need to sit down and come up with a CRAZY idea and go do it.

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3.71 / 5.00

May 29, 2007
11:04 PM EDT
Skill - Collect