Awesome Video Games Ep11

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Dragon Doubled? That must mean DOUBLE DRAGON! Join Ace and Chet on their quest to slay not one, but two DRAGONS! AWESOME!

Q: Wha... W-W-W-Wha... what happened to episodes 6-10?!?!?!?!

A: Each and every one of those was a Christmas special! We thought it would be odd to upload them to NG in May! You can check them out at FFSTV.com if you are still in the holiday spirit!

"Awesome Video Games" is a brand new series from FFSTV. Ace and Chet are a throwback to late 80's/early 90's videogame television. The days where videogame tips were hardly anything but speculation and instructions from the booklet.

NOTE: This file is almost 13mb huge, so you may want to turn back if you haven't got width in your band.


Keep em coming

These flash's are always solid gold, i just hope those guys really don't play video games like that 0_o. Please keep em coming, Maybe try Super mario 2?

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FarFromSubtle responds:

We heard about the sequal! We're all over it bro!

thats great

thats so good i my add the whole series to my favs

This is the greatest episode

I showed this series to some friends. The first few episodes didn't impress them, but this one made instant converts :D


great as always!

People need to relax around here. These videos are about two clueless gamers giving "tips" on how to play NES games. There that sums it up. If you don't feel like understanding, don't watch / don't review. "go die" is not a review.

Keep up your good work guys, I'm a fan of both of your series.

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FarFromSubtle responds:

Awesome Dude, we need more viewers like you!


Great shows.
Every episode.
WATCHED ALL:::Report Commencing:::
Holy Shit, that's some badass shit.
Heavy dudes.

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May 29, 2007
5:11 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody