Nuclear North Korea

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I am Chinese,I know Beijing is not in Manchuria (north-east China)
Koreans(N) bombed Tokyo, some of Chinese like it.

Nice try

What's with the graphics? It wasn't that bad but the lack of "real" animation is bothersome. The music was fitting but I'm bored of that score being used in apocallyptic themed media. Next time try rocktronic, preferably Frank Klepacki lol.

you know nothing about politics.......

first off though

Graphics: terrible.... dont really know you should just scrap your current design and get better graphics

Style: political statement which made no sense at all

Sound: appropiate for doomsday situation you portrayed but it was generic

Violence: people getting nuked warrants a 10

Interactivity: wasnt interactive....

Humor: it was so bad and politically misguided I that I found a points worth the humor in it

Ok, it does not truely matter if N. Korea gets nukes. Wanna know why? Because Kim may be evil, but he isnt crazy in that respect. He knows if he nukes a pacifist country like Japan his a is nuclear toast. At worst him getting nukes means we give him more aid, oh no! we have to feed the world's communist poor! THE HORROR.....

China is N. Korea financial support, why the hell would they nuke bejing?????

Disarming nukes would be nice, but its completely unrealistic, get over it, hippie idealogy of "why cant we be friends" doesnt work. No one will get rid of ALL their nukes, because everyone will be paranoid of its neighbors keeping a few missles in secret.

1/5 in portal, cheers.

btw, the political banter is not off topic, it goes to the style of your work, which is something viewers look at.

oh boy

yes it's true but, but now we have another alert right next to iraq its called iran and i predict that bush has not only used iraq not only for oil but for a foot hole over there so we can take out iraq eventually which is another terror state. but thanks to bill clinton north korea has weapons. but as long as there are greedy politicans or dictators and communism. there will always be nuclear weapons


drawings needs to be improve as well as the frame rate. North Korea don't have preemptive nuke strike on China nor Japan. Plus, China had a nuke defense and possible Japan, too, so no such thing could happen in reality. N.Korea will be in deep shit if they do that. Hope you improve it next time.

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May 28, 2007
8:14 PM EDT
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